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PC Survey 20.4.2 : Full install
Last updated: Dec 20, 2020

PC Survey is software protected. It will need an authorization code to run. To get this authorization code:

  • Start up PC Survey.
  • In this dialog box, there is a site code. Email us at [email protected] or phone us at 385-312-8567 with the site code and we will give you an authorization code.

If you are trying out the software before purchasing, we turn the program on for 30 days. This will give you chance to use the program with real jobs and see how you like it.

Support Files
PC Survey Tutorial
1.2 MB - A step by step tutorial to help new users learn PC Survey, in PDF form.
PC Survey Reference Manual
2.7 MB - A comprehensive reference for PC Survey users, in PDF form.
Network Driver (102) Installation
0.6 MB - Resolves the 'Initialization Failure Network: Network Driver Appears to Not Be Serving This Directory (-102) for PCS' error in older versions of PCS.
Geoid File
3.1 MB - This file is compressed in a ZIP file.
Initialization Error Fix
PC Survey 19.4 : Full install
Last updated: Oct 1, 2019
PC Survey 18.4 : Full install
Last updated: Nov 17, 2018
PC Survey 17.3 : Full install
Last updated: Jul 24, 2017
PC Survey 16.4 : Full install
Last updated: Dec 30, 2016
PC Survey 15.4 : Full install
Last updated: Dec 23, 2015
PC Survey 14.4 : Full install
Last updated: November 20, 2014
PC Survey 13.4 : Full install
Last updated: Dec 5, 2013
PC Survey 12.2 : Full install
Last updated: Dec 1, 2012
PC Survey 11.4.2 : Full install
13 MB - Last updated: Dec 9, 2011
PC Survey 10.4.1 : Full installation set and Demo
16 MB - Last updated: November 18, 2010
PC Survey 9.3.1 : Full installation set
16 MB - Last updated: September 15, 2009

PC Survey 8.3.5 : Full installation set
5 MB - Last updated: Aug 20, 2008

Pocket Surveyor 3.3.2
1 MB - Last updated: Apr 19, 2004

  1. Download the pocketsu.exe file.
  2. Launch the pocketsu.exe file.
  3. Follow the prompts to install a copy of Pocket Surveyor on your desktop.
  4. Go to Start > Programs > Pocket Surveyor > Install Pocket Surveyor.
  5. Follow the prompts to install Pocket Surveyor on your Pocket PC.
  6. At this point, you should be able to go to Start > Pocket Surveyor on your Pocket PC computer to start the program.

The Land Survey Software allows professionals to create, move, rotate, annotate and plot for generating the final land survey CAD drawing. To help you learn the designing of a landscape, there are free. software download programs and options that are equipped with advanced graphical interfaces that can be owned for a specified trial period which may range from 7 to 30 days.


If you are willing to know in detail about this software, then search in Google using “land survey software, free download”, “land survey software for android”, “quantity survey software, free download”, “land survey records”, “micro survey or land surveying software”.

Analist Group

Change my software 10 edition download no survey required

This is an AutoCAD technology with all the benefits of the Autodesk graphical functions and setting. A professional may customize the interface based on the latest trends of Autodesk formats. Regardless of whether you are looking for a front estimation or tracking the cross sections, Analist 2017 allows you to work at a faster pace with a precise accuracy right on your Point cloud.


This is an immensely functional land survey software which you may download for free and work on your desktop geomatics engineering for managing or computing the data. It can process as well as adjust field survey data and able to execute various co-ordinate geometry operations. This software is great for calculating parcel areas and handling coordinate transformations.

3D Survey

This helpful software is crafted to work with all types of camera, be it a digicam or a DSLR or GoPro. You can achieve cent percent accuracy in the end results in a very less time. Also, there is no need to download the flight point file from the drone for geo-tagging the aerial images. You are free to import the images from the camera and start working on it immediately.

Awesome Land Survey Software for Other Platforms

Change My Software 10 Edition Download No Survey

If you are a civil engineer or a professional in this field, you may have to work for analyst survey software from various platforms like Windows, Mac or Android. To help you in this particular venture, the app developers have designed various tools in each of these platforms. So, that you can keep working regardless of the user interface you are using.

Land Surveying CAD Software for Windows

This remarkable land surveying CAD software is compatible with Windows 8 and it aids in quickly moving, rotating, annotating and plotting for generating the final land surveying CAD drawing. It offers you a full graphical display to allow you to preview the project as you work on it. You can also edit and create layers to craft an outstanding CAD drawing formation.

Land Surveyor for Android

This tool is very practical for anyone willing to calculate the area of a land. This tool is Android compatible and you can easily work on it owing to its attractive interface. In the Geometric procedure, the oddly shaped piece of land is surveyed and then plotted over the graph paper which is then subdivided into geometric patterns for calculation of areas.

Measure Your Land for Mac

This unique software tool works on Mac platforms and it is a virtual tape that can measure any cut and landfill around the earth. Using the satellite view on the iPhone or Mac devices, this software can measure the distance and area of any piece of land, be it a square footage or a distance between two points or the distance travelled across an area.

The Most Popular Vision Surveying Software

This is the most popular AutoCad software having the top-notch features to help you directly read as well as write by using DWG drawing file format. It will allow you to manage your parcel from survey points and you can also create, edit and triangulate a surface very meticulously in almost no time. You can also calculate complex volumes and manage all the points in your selected land area and these features make this software the most popular one among others.

What is Land Survey Software?

The Land Survey Software are designed and crafted by civil engineers, land surveyors and construction professionals for aiding them in collecting relevant data through GPS and total stations. This software helps to work on your prospects directly by gathering information in the field with the help of precise measuring instruments for producing a graphic as well as a legal description of the property. You can also see Text Analysis Software

Change My Software 10 Edition Download No Survey Without

This collected information is properly mapped, recorded and then remapped and rerecorded as per the guidelines and laws concerning land ownership. It was just 25 years that this software has emerged and today it is impossible to think of executing topographic survey without the help of computers and this high-end software. You can also see WIFI Analyzer Software

Starting from the computer-aided design and data collection software that came up in the 1980s to the advanced GPS and GIS systems available today, technology is running at a fast pace. Each and every step in this project has become automated and they help the professionals to interpret the data, symbols, and geometric forms so that civil engineers can take a faster decision regarding what must be done next.

Change My Software 10 Edition Free Download

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