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Netflix is a worldwide streaming service that provides thousands of TV shows, movies and other kinds of videos. Once you subscribe to Netflix monthly, you can download and watch Netflix shows on your iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. However, there is no Netflix for Mac software yet. If you want to watch Netflix movies on your Mac computer, you can visit Netflix.com. But the Netflix download option is not available. To download Netflix shows on Mac, you had better use screen recording software. It is the best way to download TV shows and movies from Netflix on your Mac computer.

  • Part 1: How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac Directly
  • Part 2: How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac with Online Tool
  • Part 3: How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac with QuickTime Player
  • Part 4: FAQs of Recording Netflix Shows on Your Mac Computer

OS: Mac OS X FlixiCam 1.2.1 Description: FlixiCam for Mac is a professional Netflix video downloader, featured with a clear, concise and powerful interface, easy to users accurately and fast downloads of various Netflix videos.

Part 1: How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac Directly

If you are looking for a lightweight and powerful Netflix downloader, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can be your first choice. You can download Netflix shows on Mac from website directly by screen recording. After playing a video on Netflix, you can use hotkeys to start and stop recording Netflix instantly.

Moreover, you can take a screenshot on the streaming Netflix video as JPEG or other formats in seconds. The program minimizes the CPU usage. Thus, you can watch Netflix movies while recording simultaneously. There will be no Netflix crashing, lagging or not downloading issues. Actually, it is your 100% working way to download Netflix movies on Mac for offline watching.

  • Record streaming movie from Netflix in full screen or custom region.
  • Download Netflix video and audio without quality loss.
  • Screenshot on Netflix shows as PNG, JPEG, GIF or TIFF format.
  • Create a task schedule recording to record Netflix playlists automatically.
  • Get the advanced hardware acceleration to record Netflix shows with no lag.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.
  • Boot Camp and Windows: Netflix offers a Netflix app for Windows computers at the Microsoft Store. Boot Camp, a utility that comes on Macs, runs Windows 10 on a Mac.Then, you can download the Netflix app for Windows and use it to download content from Netflix legally.
  • No I am sorry Netflix do not support downloads on the Mac OS. Instead the answer told you all the devices you CAN download content from Netflix with. Yes it answers the question, if you think about it, but it is over complicating a simple answer to a simple question.

Step 1 Free download, install and launch Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. To download Netflix shows on Mac as MP4, click Video Recorder in the main interface.

Step 2 Open the Netflix.com website on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or other browsers on Mac. Sign into your Netflix account, and then open the Netflix show you want to save.

Step 3 Set the Netflix screen capture area as full screen, a fixed window or custom region. To record streaming video with audio from Netflix, you need to turn on System Sound as well.

Step 4 Click REC to start recording a show from Netflix online site losslessly. When you stop recording Netflix, you will be in the Preview window by default. Use the built-in video clipper to clip a video segment if necessary.

Step 5 Click Save to download shows from Netflix on Mac. In the Recording history window, you can play, rename, organize, share or delete any recording file with ease.

Part 2: How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac with Online Tool


Or you can record Netflix video with high quality by using Aiseesoft Free Online Screen Recorder. It is supported to record screen video on Netflix with or without audio for free online. You can take screenshots while watching Netflix shows on Mac as well. However, there will be a watermark in your recorded video. The video recording preferences and output options are limited. If you don’t mind watermark and low video quality, you can download Netflix shows online on your Mac computer as well. (Want to remove watermark?)

Step 1 Visit the online Netflix downloader. Click Start Recording and download its launcher.

Step 2 Drag the lines to set the screen capture area for Netflix. Turn on Audio to record Netflix shows on Mac with sound.

Step 3 Click REC to start recording Netflix shows on Mac for free.

Step 4 Stop recording and save Netflix recording video in MP4 or WMV format with high quality.

Part 3: How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac with QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is pre-installed on all Mac versions. You can record Netflix shows on Mac using QuickTime as well. If you have upgraded to Mojave or Catalina, you can press Command, Shift and 5 keys instead. Now, let’s see how to download Netflix movies on Mac with QuickTime.

Step 1 Run QuickTime Player. Navigate to the Netflix.com. Sign into your account. Then choose the show you want to record from Netflix.

Step 2 Find the QuickTime icon in the Dock. Choose New Screen Recording from the right-click menu.

Step 3 Unfold the downside arrow. Select Internal Microphone. Otherwise, you can record Netflix shows without audio.

Step 4 Click the Record button to start Netflix recording. Play the Netflix episode and volume up.

Step 5 When the Netflix show finishes, stop recording with QuickTime.

Step 6 Save your Netflix video recording on Mac manually.

Part 4: FAQs of Recording Netflix Shows on Your Mac Computer

Is there any other method to download shows from Netflix on Mac?

Download netflix movies on macos

You can mirror Netflix videos from your phone for Netflix downloading as well. Just use AirPlay to stream the downloaded Netflix shows from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your Mac computer. However, this Mac Netflix video downloading method is complicated. Or you can install a Windows operating system on Mac to download Netflix shows. During this time, you need to switch to the Windows system to watch Netflix movies offline.

Can you download all Netflix shows and movies?

Not all Netflix videos are downloadable. The Netflix Download icon is not available under all videos. That’s why you can’t download movies on Netflix. If you want to download Netflix shows on your computer, a screen recorder is still required. You can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, Free Online Screen Recorder or QuickTime Player as your Netflix video downloader software.

Why your Netflix downloads keep disappearing?

Check if you turn on Smart Downloads or not. This function will delete the downloaded Netflix episode you watched with the next one automatically. Another reason is that most Netflix downloads can last for seven days only (depend on individual license in Netflix). Netflix downloads disappear after the expiration automatically too.

Can you watch Netflix shows after the subscription expires?

No. Your Netflix video downloads are not available after the subscription ends. If you want to watch Netflix shows offline on Mac or Windows, you can record streaming shows from Netflix. This method also works for downloading videos from other streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime and more.

How many hours can you record shows from Netflix on Mac? Tamil god songs mp3 free download.

There is no maximum time limit. You can record Netflix TV shows and movies for hours or even days. Moreover, you can set a task schedule to auto record Netflix for offline watching.

All in all, you can download Netflix shows on Mac with the above methods. Though Netflix allows subscribed users to download videos on Windows and mobile phones, there is still no Netflix for Mac software yet. To permanently download Netflix movies and TV shows with the original quality, you can free download Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and have a try right now. The free trial version is available for all Mac users.

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