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About the WLAN Key Generator
The SG WLAN Key Generator is a tool that allows for quick, valid, and strong WEP/WPA key generation. It uses the 94 standard ASCII characters (with codes 32 to 126) for maximum compatability.
To generate a random WEP or WPA key, simply choose the desired key length and one will be generated for you. To generate a key based on a custom passphrase, enter your phrase into either the Custom Key text fields, and its HEX or ASCII equivalent will be generated for you automatically in the other custom text field.
To use any of the generated WEP keys, simply right-click on the appropriate text field (highlight the text if necessary), then choose copy from the pull-down menu, and paste the text whesre applicable.

Notes: WEP encryption uses 24 bit 'Initilization Vector' in addition to the 'secret key'. Therefore, 40 bit WEP can be refered to as 64 bit WEP, and 104 bit can be referedo to as 128 bit, depending on whether the 'initialization vector' is counted or not.

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