GTA Vice City has many missions for you to complete. It has plenty of different exciting stages, which are addictive and fascinating to play. From several categories, you can play various missions. It is one of the features of GTA Vice City, which makes it a game that one can play always.

Features of GTA Vice City

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• More area to explore in comparison to GTA III

• Better lighting and graphics to make game look real to the gamer

• Bountiful of interactive recorded dialogues


Tricks to Play GTA Vice City

Drive car around the islands and explore more
Without getting busted, complete the game
Avoid using DEMONSPEED before any bike mission

Missions and Plot of GTA Vice City

One can never get bored from this amazingly built game. Here are few of them, which you must know.

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1. Gang Missions (Umberto Robina)

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Cannon Fodder
Umberto Robina gave this mission to the protagonist Tommy Vercetti from the Café Robina in Little Havana, Vice City. Further, the plot of this mission revolves around the Umberto Robina’s purpose of gang wars between his Cubans and his enemies, the Haitians. After attacking the Haitian Drug Factory, he finds out that his men are getting defeated, and they need assistance. Umberto Robina seeks help from Tommy Vercetti, and he wants him to drive towards the factory along with his boys to fight his way through a vehicle full of drugs and then take back to the café. Further on the successful completion of this mission, you get $2,000.

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Trojan Voodoo

It is a mission given to Tommy Vercetti by Umberto Robina from Café Robina in Little Havana, Vice City. Umberto Robina wants to defeat the Haitians and wish to end their power in Vice City. He asks Tommy Vercetti to go with his friend Pepe to destroy the drug processing plant of Haitians. They are seeking for Haitian gang car. In the end, Tommy asks Pepe to cover Haitians boys so that he can plant bombs, to destroy the drug factory.

Remember, it is a timed mission, and the timer will start once the player places the bomb in the factory. The challenge is to destroy the factory before the time runs out. But if the player will fail to do so, they will lose it. But, on winning the mission, one gets a reward, which is $10,000.

(Auntie Poulet)

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• Juju Scramble
Auntie Poulet assigns this mission to protagonist Tommy Vercetti from her home in Little Haiti, Vice City. The plot of this mission starts with a call from Poulet to Tommy. She heard that Cubans told the police regarding where she has stashing her drugs, and thus, cops are finding her. Tommy has to collect the three briefcases around little Haiti so that cops will not get them and bring the cases back to her home. To win the mission, the player has to get all three briefcases scattered at any cost. If any of the baggage will come into the hands of the police, the mission will fail. Further on completing the Juju Scramble, the player gets $1,000.
• Bombs Away

Auntie Poulet has one more mission for Tommy to accomplish. She gave the Bombs away task to Tommy Vercetti from her home, and she wants him to destroy a fleet of Cubans boat, which is there to transport the drugs into the city. Poulet meets Tommy and drugs him. Later he took the helicopter around the waters while destroying the boats and killing the characters who encountered the event. On winning this incredible mission, the player gets a reward of $2,000.

2. Asset Missions
• No Escape?
It is a mission given to Tommy Vercetti by Ken Rosenburg from Malibu Club in Vice Point. In this mission, Tommy wants to accomplish a task of big bank robbery. But, he needs to play safe. To help him out, Ken Roseburg suggests to him a local man named Cam Jones. Since this local man is in jail, Tommy has to get him out of there to complete his mission. Disguising the cops, Tommy and Cam Jones fight their way through. With the help of safecracker Cam Jones, the player has to execute this mission. On winning, the player can claim rewards of $1,000.

Cost of GTA Vice City

Try the adventures of GTA Vice City – Sony PlayStation 2 – PS2 - *Disc Only* for $3.99.


The fantastic GTA Vice City has an abundance of thrilling missions for you to play.

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