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  • Verdana because is the recommended font for this target group 2. We choose Courier because is the most common example of monospaced font 5. Helvetica and Myriad were chosen for being broadly used in graphic design and for being the typeface of choice of Microsoft and Apple, respectively. We chose Garamond because is claimed to have strong legi.
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Today, I am going to talk about what font does google use

It’s going to be very interesting, everyone wants to know which font does google used on their logo, google search & other projects.
We’ll talk more details about google logo font, What font does google search use, google android font, google gmail font, Google Plus font, and Android TV Fonts & also you’ll get download & preview links.

Google ProductsUsed Font Family NameFont Live Preview LinkFont Download Link
Google LogoProduct SansProduct Sans PreviewDownload Product Sans
Google SearchArial RegularArial Regular PreviewDownload Arial Regular
Google AndroidRobotoRoboto PreviewDownload Roboto
Google GmailGoogle Sans, Roboto and ArialGoogle Sans PreviewDownload Google Sans
Google PlusRobotoRoboto Sans PreviewDownload Roboto
Android TVGoogle SansGoogle Sans PreviewDownload Google Sans

1. Let’s start with Google Logo Font

At first, Google uses Catull font with old style serif typeface for google logo from May 31, 1999, until September 1, 2015, Google first logo created by Sergey Brin and slight modifications has between 1999 -2013.

The biggest update has on Google Logo font on September 1, 2015, with Their own new custom “Product Sans” Font. Product Sans is a geometric sans-serif typeface font for branding purposes font created by Google. You can’t use Product Sans font yourself, it’s not available on google font the font licenses don’t allow to use publicly.

You can Learn more about it on google design doc

if we will tack a look at google logo update history form began, it will be looks like the below image:

/reafir-vst-free-download/. Google updates its logo favicon at September 1, 2015, also, now it’s old “g” to have “G” with Product Sans font and on the favicon has four different colors red, blue green and yellow, all color have included on favicon form the Google logo, it looks very cool now.

If you will looks about Google logo Logotype, How it have create, here is the awesome video form google:

2. What font does google search use

On Google search use a very basic “Arial Regular” font. Arial font has already installed as a default for all the windows, Microsoft applications also apple mac os. it’s very old font design by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders since 1982
For the Google, search title used Arial Regular font and 18px is font size and for the green link and description use 14px font size, link color are #006621 , title color #1aodab and Snippet description color #545454

3. Google Android Font

There are no clear documents have on about the font. However, it has used Roboto sans-serif typeface font as a default on android that has loaded in* form /system/etc/fonts.xml on Android 5.0+, if you explode the XML then you can see which font family have used:

Roboto font it’s a free font you can use it from Google font it’s developed by Google as a system font for android.

4. Google Gmail Font

Helvetica Font Download Free Microsoft Office For Windows 10

For Google Gmail, there are different font have used. For heading and title, it has used “Google Sans” and Roboto and for the content section and message, the section has used “Arial” font.
the CSS after inspecting element looks like this type:

However, if you don’t like the default Google Gmail font, it gives options to change the font, color, font size everything, you can learn more about it on here

5. Google Plus Font

Google plus use the same “Roboto” font that was specially developed by Google for the mobile Android operating system. Roboto is the most popular font that has used on the Android operating system and Gmail heading

6. Android TV Font

Android TV Update their font to “Google Sans” Font. Google Sans and Product Sans font family pretty much similar font, You can see a preview of the font on here and Product Sans font also have used as a Google logo font.

It’s all about the What Font Does Google Use on here main 6 products.
if you have any questions comment & if you’ll this post help you please share with your friends.
Thanks everyone & enjoy…

Calibri Font is one of the ugliest fonts ever invented by mankind, I hold it up there with other design fails such the infamous Comic Sans MS. Beyond that, Microsoft decided to make it the default font for all its Microsoft Office Suite, so we’ve been forced to see it almost anywhere.

Using Calibri for a presentation speaks almost too much about you, especially if you call yourself a designer of any sort. I can read that you didn’t bother to find a replacement font for your document, or even worse, that you thought it looked good. We actually made sure that the font would never be an option on our presentation software.

But fear not, here are some amazing alternatives so you never have to use Calibri again. Prepare to awe your audience!

Using Calibri for a presentation speaks almost too much about you, especially if you call yourself a designer of any sort.

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Open Sans

This has become one of the most widespread used fonts of the decade and Google owns a little bit of this credit to the startup community. It’s a great and simple Sans-serif font that adapts as its being integrated on websites all over the world. I’m sure you have recognised it.

The trend these days seems to be associated to lightweight fonts, so using that Open Sans-300 is also a good way to go if you want to look trendy.

Open Sans is the font used on the Scala layout on Slidebean.


Alégre Sans

Alégre Sans is a beautiful, sans-serif capitalised font that we find particularly attractive for headers. In a way, it’s a beautiful an graceful version of the well-known Impact. It is of course, not recommended for body text on your slide, as an all-caps font can come across as aggressive to your audience if you are not careful.

Alégre Sans is also available on some Slidebean Premium templates.

Download Helvetica Font Microsoft Word Free

Poiret One

A round and elegant lightweight sans-serif font with a Retro and Art Deco style. I find it particularly interesting if you want your presentation to stand out without being over the top. Using some vintage and/or rounded shapes on your slides will of course be a plus.

Poiret One was designed by Denis Masharov and is available for download as part of the Google Fonts package. Still, it’s not a very common choice so I don’t believe anyone will recognise it.

Helvetica Neue


Of course you might complain that the world is a bit tired of Helvetica, and I might have to agree; this is the font used by Apple for most of the iOS 7 interface, by the US Government in most of their forms and the NYC Subway, if you hadn’t noticed. Nevertheless, Helvetica is still worldwide accepted as one of the most beautiful fonts ever designed.

It represents a slight but notable improvement from Helvetica and includes a bunch of new variants, including the lovely Helvetica Neue UltraLight, Helvetica Neue Thin and Helvetica Neue Medium.

Although Helvetica is a paid font owned by Linotype, it’s available for free on every Apple Computer and that is why it’s made it to the list. Sadly, you can still spot some Mac-users using Calibri.

Helvetica Font Free Download For Microsoft Word 2007


Another Google Font, this one actually represents a great free alternative to Helvetica Ultralight. It was designed originally as a lightweight typeface and later evolved to add new, bolder variants.

I’d recommend sticking somewhere between Thin (100) and Normal (400), as the 700+ thinkness versions don’t look that good after all. Using lightweight fonts on presentations is great if you want to add large titles or short amounts of text (which is what you always aim for anyways).

Raleway is our font of choice for the Slidebean layout ‘Polygon’, available on the Free version.

Enjoy your presentation making. Please don’t ever let me see you using Calibri again.

2020 update: Granted. Calibri is one of the recommended fonts for people with dyslexia. I stand by my point. However, you can consider this and other recommended fonts if you know your audience can have a better reading experience with it.

Helvetica Font Download Free Microsoft Word