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Hero Th200 Printer Drivers Driver

For over a decade, our company has evolved—and so has the world of education. With the advent of increased technological capabilities, EdTech companies have become more accessible, efficient, and focused, and PlascoTrac is no exception. In January 2014, we launched Hero, cloud-based student behavior management software. The increased mobility and accessibility of Hero provides the true behavior analytics platform that gives you the capabilities of PlascoTrac, but is easier to scale and is accessible from anywhere on campus.
PlascoTrac will always be where we started, but we’re excited for the future with Hero.

If you know PlascoTrac, here's how Hero compares.

Feature lists are just that—feature lists. Hero opens the doors to a unique set
of school programs that just wouldn't be possible with PlascoTrac.


Customers are happy they switched

Hero Th200 Printer Drivers

“I always joke with the school president—between Hero and PowerSchool, I’ve got the whole school in my pocket.”
- Mario Sazo, Dean of Students, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep