Dopdf for mac os x free download. PC-Style Keypad-Layout
Control using the classic PC-Style WASD-key input arrangement: The most efficient FPS Control Scheme.
TAC Software
Easily program key layouts, adjust sensitivity settings, and manage profiles with the TAC Software
3200 DPI Optical Gaming Mouse
Gaming grade mouse with ultra-responsive micro-switches for deadly accuracy.
Select your mouse
In addition to the included TAC Gaming Mouse, the TAC Pro KeyPad is compatible with all standard USB mice. Simply plug and play!
Angled Cable for snag-free play
The cable of the TAC Gaming Mouse is angled slightly upward to avoid snags and game play interference.
Snipe Button
Hold the Snipe Button to instantly decrease mouse sensitivity for increased accuracy.
Quick Button
Hold the Quick Button to instantly increase mouse sensitivity for increased movement speed and aiming.
Walk Button
Hold the Walk Button to instantly reduce movement speed for accurate movement and aiming
Programmable User Profiles
The TAC Pro is completely programmable. All keys and buttons can be remapped as desired, and every aspect of sensitivity can be adjusted. Up to three user profiles can be saved per platform and selected on the fly.

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Hori Tac Software For Mac Free

9.Select “Browse my computer for driver software”. 10.Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. 11.Select “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows”, then click “Next”.Either version will work with the controller. 12.This completes the update. Click on “Close”.

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Hori Tac Software For Mac Pro

How to adjust settings, keys, or assign a profile to the Hori mouse and keyboard for Playstation1. Download software - Go in for the kill with HORI's new TAC PRO Type M2 for PlayStation 4. The Tactical Assault Commander series is a line of officially licensed keypad & mouse controllers designed for FPS games that simulates PC-style control on the PS4. The mouse emulates the right analog stick for precise aiming, and left analog stick input can be set to either.