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Installation for Windows 8 or 10 (Continued) Open the folder win8 and run the zadig2.1.1.exe program you'll find there. Answer 'No' to the question about checking for updates. In the window that opens, choose libusb-win32 (v1.2.6.0) in the field to the right of. Brew install libusb. Library for USB device access. License: LGPL-2.1-or-later. Formula code on GitHub. Bottle (binary package) installation support provided for. Jun 14, 2016 How to install a driver (.inf) that does not contain digital signature information in Windows 10 i need help installing libusb (PLAYSTATION(R)3Controller.inf) but when ever I try to install it, it gives me 'the third-party INF does not contain digital signature information.'

Libusb is a C++ library that any developer can use to gain access to a USB device. This helps create an application that can interact with other devices.

Any system

Libusb is a highly portable way to create files that interact with a USB connection no matter the device’s version.

Libusb is a portable development tool that’s usable across almost any operating system. This portability is ideal for developers who are creating indie games or other software that requires a connection to a USB device.

Libusb supports all current USB versions, ensuring that any computer using your application can connect their additional USB connected devices such as gamepads or drawing tablets. As the application supports version one to three, there’s no lack of speed when using a newer device.

To ensure that libusb will function on your computer, it launches in a user-mode that does not require admin permissions to launch or function. This allows the application to run faster and on any profile on your Windows computer, even the non-admin ones.

One of the best features of libusb is that it’s incredibly lightweight itself, with the .zip file requiring less than a single megabyte. This makes the application ideal to add to your USB when working on a web development project with colleagues or friends.

However, as Windows 10 no longer offers a 32-bit system, the application is unavailable for use on Windows 10 computers. Fortunately, there are alternatives designed to work on a 64-bit system. You can uninstall the old file through your control panel.

Where can you run this program?

Libusb is available for Windows 7 and up (but not Windows 10), as well as macOS 10.12 and up. There are also versions available for Linux distributions.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Libusb is extremely portable, unlike its main alternative libusbk, which is only available for Windows computers.

Our take

Libusb is an excellent way for you to insert your software quickly and easily onto any computer regardless of its operating system.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a developer or frequently transfer files, then this application is a must-install after extracting the file.


Latest version


Python binding for the libusb C library.

Project description


Python libusb module is a low-level binding for libusb C library.
It is an effort to allow python programs full access to the API implementedand provided by the well known *libusb* library.
libusb is a lightweight Python package, based on the ctypes library.
It is fully compliant implementation of the original C libusb 1.0 APIby implementing whole its functionality in a clean Python instead of C.
libusb API 1.0 documentation can be found at:
libusb-1.0 API Reference

libusb uses the underlying libusb C shared library as specified inlibusb.cfg (included libusb-X.X.* is the default), but there is also abilityto specify it programmatically by one of the following ways: Octopus samsung tool crack download.

About original libusb:

Borrowed from the original website:

libusb - A cross-platform user library to access USB devices


libusb is a C library that provides generic access to USB devices.It is intended to be used by developers to facilitate the production ofapplications that communicate with USB hardware.

It is portable: Using a single cross-platform API, it provides accessto USB devices on Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, OpenBSD, etc.

It is user-mode: No special privilege or elevation is required for theapplication to communicate with a device.

It is version-agnostic: All versions of the USB protocol, from 1.0 to 3.1(latest), are supported.

What platforms are supported?

Linux, OS X, Windows, Windows CE, Android, OpenBSD/NetBSD, Haiku.

For additional information, please consult theFAQor theWiki.


  • All necessary things are installed during the normal installation process.
  • ATTENTION: currently works and tested only for Windows.



  • Python 3.6 or higher
    • 3.7 with C libusb 1.0.22 is a primary test environment.
  • pip and setuptools

To install run:



  • Development is strictly based on tox. To install it run:

Visit development page.

Installation from sources:

clone the sources:

and run:

or on development mode:


Licensed under the zlib/libpng License
Please refer to the accompanying LICENSE file.


1.0.23b7 (2020-11-19)

  • Ability to specify the underlying shared library programmatically.
  • General update and cleanup.
  • Setup update.
  • Removing dependence on atpublic.
  • Fixed docs setup.
  • Fix for hotplugtest example.

1.0.23b1 (2020-09-15)

  • (partially; without libusb_wrap_sys_device, because
    original Windows dlls do not export this function).
  • Add support for Python 3.9.

  • Drop support for Python 3.5.

  • Setup update.

  • Cleanup.

1.0.22b9 (2020-01-17)

  • Added ReadTheDocs config file.
  • Setup update.

1.0.22b8 (2019-11-24)

  • Upgrade for Linux: libusb x64 v.1.0.21 -> v.1.0.22
  • Fix for error when the shared library is configured.
  • Cleanup.

1.0.22b6 (2019-11-23)

  • Initial support for Linux (libusb v.1.0.21 x64).

1.0.22b5 (2019-11-14)

  • Drop support for Python 2.
  • Drop support for Python 3.4.
  • Add support for Python 3.8.
  • Setup update and cleanup.

1.0.22b4 (2019-02-15)

  • Setup improvement.
  • Update required setuptools version.
  • Some updates of examples.

1.0.22b2 (2018-11-08)

  • Setup improvement.
  • Update required setuptools version.

1.0.22b1 (2018-03-30)

  • Upgrade to the libusb v.1.0.22
  • Setup improvement.

1.0.21b4 (2018-02-26)

  • Improve and simplify setup and packaging.

1.0.21b2 (2017-12-18)

  • Fix the error of platform detecting.

1.0.21a3 (2017-08-20)

  • Next alpha release.

0.0.1 (2016-09-23)

  • Initial release.

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Install libusb win 10

1.0.23b7 pre-release

1.0.23b6 pre-release

1.0.23b5 pre-release

1.0.23b3 pre-release

1.0.23b2 pre-release

Install Libusb Windows 10 Pro

1.0.23b1 pre-release

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1.0.22b9 pre-release

1.0.22b8 pre-release

1.0.22b5 pre-release

1.0.22b4 pre-release

Install Libusb On Windows 10

1.0.22b2 pre-release

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Install Libusb Windows 10

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