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This article explain how to create a booteable USB stick to flash an EFI flasheable file under DOS enviroment.

Access the Advanced tab, Insydeh20 Bios, Envy DV6 7273ca. The advanced tab once. Thanks I am aware that accessing the advanced tab is risky, but I know My BIOS is Insydeh20 there are safe(r) ways to do it. At this point, anything at all helps. Even if I can only access Rev 3.7, version F.12. INSYDE H2OFFT Software files In this page we will show you all files belong to INSYDE H2OFFT software, and find how to download INSYDE H2OFFT software. And find easy steps to remove or block each process from INSYDE H2OFFT software, click the file name bellow and then follow the steps. Before installing this update, be sure the computer is running from AC power. If the installation of the BIOS is interrupted by power loss, the computer may not operate correctly or at all! During the installation of this update: Do not turn the computer off. Do not allow the computer to enter Standby or Hibernation states. Tools for every major stage of the system development lifecycle. Our EDK-II based UEFI BIOS tools packages address the critical needs of every major stage of the system development lifecycle including product development, validation, provisioning, customization and post-production end-user requirements, and Insyde Software provides several unique tools to serve the development needs of each stage.

Is my EFI InsydeH2O?

Insydeh2o Bios Download

The easiest way to figure that is looking on the 'BIOS POST Screen' for this image:

Step 0 - Preparing the work enviroment

  1. You must create a folder on your desktop to use it as workspace. I will use one named 'Toolbox'.
  2. Your current Windows user account must have administrator rights.
  3. You must have the Windows based executable file that contains the EFI flasheable file. If you don't have one, enter to Support Website page and get one for your computer. I will use one named 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE.EXE'.
  4. Step 0 done.

Step 1 - Preparing working tools

  1. Download and install 7-Zip.
  2. Download 'HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool' here. Save this file inside 'Toolbox' folder.
  3. Download 'DOS Files' here. Save this file inside 'Toolbox' folder.
  4. Download 'Flash It Tool' here. Save this file inside 'Toolbox' folder.
  5. Extract files downloaded in 2, 3 and 4. A folder will be created for each extracted ZIP file.
  6. Step 1 done.

Step 2 - Creating a booteable USB stick

  1. Connect your USB stick. Make a backup of it contents if necessary.
  2. Open 'HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool' folder and execute 'HPUSBFW.EXE' with administrator rights.
  3. Follow these easy steps as shown below:
  4. Search and select 'DOS Files' folder:
  5. Click on 'Accept' button and then click on 'Start' button to initiate the process.
  6. A warning window appears. Click on 'Yes' button and wait until the entire process is completed.
  7. Click on 'Accept' button to close the summary window and then click on 'Close' button to close the application.
  8. Step 2 done.

Step 3 - Copying the flashing tool

  1. Open 'Flash It Tool' folder.
  2. Select all files and copy them to the root directory of your USB stick.
  3. Step 3 done.

Step 4 - Extracting the Windows based EFI update package

  1. Copy 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE.EXE' file to your 'Toolbox' folder.
  2. Secondary click (left click) on 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE.EXE'.
  3. Select '7-Zip', then select 'Extract to 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE'.
  4. A new folder named 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE' will be created with files inside.
  5. Open 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE' folder and open 'platform.ini' file. It's important to keep this file open.
  6. Step 4 done.

Step 5 - Finding the flasheable EFI file

Improved debugging of both commands and information. Direct play download windows 7. Correction of flaws that prevented us from knowing the reason why the GPU failed interpreting instructions. In other words, it's easier to identify an error and for the user to notify it and try to fix it. CPU and GPU workloads processed separately to gain in performance. Support for 4K resolutions.

Insydeh20 bios download windows 10
  1. In 'platform.ini' file, search for the section called '[FDFile]'.
  2. Look for the 'FileName' attribute. This attribute sets the flasheable EFI file name.
  3. Look inside your 'EFIUPDATEPACKAGE' folder for that file, and rename it to 'FLASHME.ROM'.
  4. Copy 'FLASHME.ROM' file to the root directory of your USB stick.
  5. Step 5 done.

Step 6 - Setting the computer platform

  1. Look inside your USB stick and open the 'IDS.id' file with a plain text editor (notepad is enough).
  2. In 'platform.ini' file, search for the section called '[Platform_Check]'.
  3. Copy each 'PlatformName' attribute (only if it have a non-empty value) to 'IDS.id' file.
  4. Saves changes to IDS.id file.
  5. Step 6 done.

Step 7 - Finishing

  1. Close all files and folders opened.
  2. Remove securely your USB stick.
  3. Step 7 done.
Insydeh20 Bios Download

Insydeh20 Bios Download Pc

Appendix A - Flash It Tool parameters established

/U /S /G /V /ALL /PMCAF:IDS.id

Insydeh20 Bios Editor Download

Appendix B - Flash It Tool parameters

Insydeh20 Bios Flash Utility Download

/UShow confirm message
/NDo not reboot after flash
/SShutdown after flash
/GSave current BIOS to file
/ACDo not check AC plug in
/ABCheck battery life percent
/MCSkip all platform model check
/PQQuery ROM protection MAP in current ROM
/I:StringUpdate logo (need Himem.sys)
/O:StringOutput file (Must use with /I)
/LG:StringLogo GUID; update small logo required (must use with /I)
/BFlash PEI volume
/ALLFlash all
/E: Offset(Hex), Size(Hex), Address(Hex)Update fix size from file offset to physical address
/FMFlash CPU Microcode
/FVFlash Variable
/FDFlash DXE

Flash EC

/FLFlash logo
/FPFlash password
/FT:valueFlash OEM special type
/LFLoad Fd file by another floopy disk
/CClear CMOS
/PSFlash SPI flash part
/PNFlash non-SPI flash part
/VVerify file integrity
/RVRead variable
/WV:StringWrite variable to new string
/WU:StringWrite variable (UNICODE)
/1Save current BIOS to file (1Mbits from memory)
/2Save current BIOS to file (2Mbits from memory)
/4Save current BIOS to file (4Mbits from memory)
/8Save current BIOS to file (8Mbits from memory)
/DIDisable ID display
/RB:FilenameRead variable (to a binary file)
/WB:FilenameWrite variable (from a binary file)
/UU:StringCompare UUID with current BIOS
/SE:StringCompare serial number with current BIOS
/GU:StringCompare GUID with current BIOS
/PMCA:ModelNameUsed to check Platform model name
/PMCAF:FileNameUsed to check Platform model name inside FileName