How To Install Jump Force On Android First download and install the emulator Then download the ISO file and extract all the file using ZArchiver or any other Application Then open the emulator and start playing the game. PPSSPP for Android. Download the latest version of this PSP emulator on Google Play, or simply download and install the.apk files from here (surf to this page and touch this button on your device, make sure that you have enabled non-Play-Store installs). Then download texture and Save Data file. Link is given below. After download ISO and Texture file then extract them on 7ziper app ( Download App from playstore ). Then copy texture file and paste in your PSP Textures Folder. Then open PSP emulator and select ISO. If the game not change in Jump Force.

Jump force download for ppsspp windows 7
1.0, 2018
File size:
1.5 GB

About Jump Force Mugen

Jump Force Mugen is another fan-made fighting game made by TrafalgarLawzz using the Mugen engine. This title refers to the upcoming anime crossover game which will be released on February 2019 by Bandai Namco. You can already know the creator from other great Mugen games, such as Dragon Ball EX Mugen, Dragon Ball FighterZ Climax, or .

How to install?

You can play this game without installing.

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Jump Force Download For Android Ppsspp

  • Unzip the downloaded file (you can use WinRAR for example).
  • Run Jump Force in the main game folder.
  • Extra information

    • If you want to play the game on fullscreen, press Alt + Enter.
    • By default, in the game menu use the W and S keys to select the mode you want to play, and then confirm by pressing the K key. Remember that you can change the key mapping for both players at any time (Options >F1 >F1 for Player 1 or F2 for Player 2). If you want to go back, press ESC.