A MIDI arpeggiator plugin that packs patterns, track helpers and chord memory so you can put your focus on making music rather than struggling to use a program

MIDI arpeggiators or sequencers play the important role of providing a MIDI routing effect aligned with the track in the DAW. Since this entails that they are able to catch notes and chords conveniently, such tools do not offer musicians more variation for the tunes they play, but also help music making become easier.

Kirnu is a MIDI arpeggiator plugin that brings more to the table. In addition to the traditional job of a sequencer, the tool enables musicians to create swinging drums, lead parts or bouncing bass easier. Considering that they no longer need to focus on learning the ropes of the helper program, it means more energy can be dedicated to creating music.

Before BlueARP appeared on the radar, Kirnu by Arto Vaarala was pretty much the number one recommendation when it came to free arpeggiator plugins. Like BlueARP, Kirnu boasts a powerful step sequencer which can help you modulate settings like note length, gate time, accent, transposition and shift. Kirnu Cream is an easy-to-use yet versatile MIDI performer that you can use in both offline usage and in live performances. Additionally, Kirnu Cream provides a powerful sequencer and arpeggiator for creating bouncing bass lines, swinging drums, catching lead parts, and more.

Two of the noteworthy features of the plugin are Cord Memory and Pattern Sequencer. As the name suggests, Chord Memory enables musicians to play complete chords with a single note. The plugin packs 16 slots for this purpose and they permit copying between each other.

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The plugin ensures 12 patterns in every track which are the heart of the music creation process and generate the output MIDI notes. Moreover, the 12 Patterns can lend a hand with creating complex compositions from simple snippets. The patterns can be changed automatically from the sequencer and can also be changed via the MIDI clips or keyboard.

Kirnu Cream Arpeggiator Vst Free Download Free

System requirements

  • Compatible VST host

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Demo version functions just like the licensed version except it doesn't save presets.

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New in Kirnu 1.2.2 Beta 1:
  • Note release mode implemented: Pattern is not reset immediately but Kirnu waits for current step to finish and if no notes are played it will reset the pattern. Otherwise it will continue from the current pattern.
  • Hold mode rewritten
  • Loop playing implementation rewritten
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Kirnu 1.2.3

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