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It’s clear that hoteliers should respond to hotel reviews, especially negative reviews and mixed reviews. But when we recommend that hoteliers respond to as many reviews as possible, that does include some positive reviews. Why? There are several benefits to responding to positive hotel reviews.

1. Encourage loyalty.

You can encourage loyalty with guests by reaching out to those who take the time to write you a positive review. They’ve already had a great experience with your property. This extra personal touch will make them more likely to choose your hotel again and again.

2. Turn brand enthusiasts into promoters.

Guests who write positive reviews are also likely to be brand enthusiasts. Not only does your response encourage loyalty, it also makes them more likely to tell their friends (in person, or on social media) about the great experience they had at your hotel.

3. Leave a positive impression on prospective guests.

Guests expect you to respond to reviews. 93% of travelers look at online reviews before they book a hotel. 78% of travelers say that “a management response to a good review makes me think highly of the hotel.” By responding to at least some of your positive reviews, you have the opportunity to influence prospective guests at a critical stage in the booking process.

How to respond to hotel reviews: The Thank You Sandwich Formula

1. Thank the guest by name.

Be sure to thank the guest and address him or her by name. This person took the time to write a glowing review of your property, which does wonders for your online reputation. The least you can do is thank your guest for doing you a favor!

2. Personalize the response to the review.

Re-iterate some of the specific compliments the reviewer makes about your property. Express delight that the guest had such a wonderful stay. This reinforces the positives and communicates to readers that you truly care about your guests.

3. Thank the guest again, and encourage him or her to return.

Encourage loyalty by reminding your guests that you love seeing them again and again.

Real World Example

Here’s one example of a guest that wrote a glowing review that highlights some of the unique aspects of this hotel. If you’re not able to respond to all of your positive reviews, select the reviews that really stand out.

A manager might respond like this:

Hello awwasti,

Thank you for choosing our hotel, and for taking the time to write a review! We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed your accommodations, as well as the guided docent tour through our museum galleries. Our hotel aims to provide a truly unique experience, and we are thrilled that we were able to exceed your expectations. We look forward to welcoming you back to our hotel in the future.

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Gerry L General Manager

When should I respond to positive hotel reviews?

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While it’s ideal to respond to every review your property gets online, not every hotel manager has the time to do so. We usually suggest that you respond to at least 25% of your positive reviews, preferably within a two day period.

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It’s also helpful to have a Customer Relationship Management system that aggregates all your online reviews onto one platform. This way, you only have to go to one place to respond to everything.

Minecraft Gift Code Generator

Minecraft Gift Code Generator Activation Key

Minecraft Gift Code Generator Activation Key Generator

Learn about what’s trending, review response metrics, and a look forward at hospitality reputation in our 2018 Reputation Benchmark Report. Available free for download.