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A selection of VST synths, complete with 500+ professionally-designed presets for any genre.

Native Instruments Akoustik Piano Free Download

Moving a Native Instruments Product to Another Location on Your Computer Note: This feature is available on Mac OS X 10.10 (and higher) and Windows 7 (and higher). If you are using Mac OS X 10.9 (or lower), please refer to this article instead. Video review of piano software by chris brackenbury from


Nine pro-grade sample-based VST instruments – vintage synths, acoustic instruments, drums, and more.


A tube compressor and 13 versatile effects, great for guitars, drums, vocals, synths, or anything you like.


Find, play, and tweak all your sounds, instruments and effects from one powerful plug-in.


Almost 1,500 loops and samples from our popular Expansions range, suitable for use in any DAW.


A sample player that runs all NI KONTAKT instruments, and hundreds of instruments from other companies.


A powerful platform that runs all REAKTOR-based synths and effects from NI and other creators.


VST plugins are virtual instruments and effects that you can use in productions. They can recreate classic synth designs, or represent completely new ways of making sound. VST plugins are easy to use; download them, install, and your DAW will pick them up and let you use them in the workstation. From classic instruments to experimental indie gems, there’s a huge world of both paid and free VST plugins to choose from. Native has spent decades creating and developing some of the world’s leading VST plugins with REAKTOR, KONTAKT, KOMPLETE KONTROL, and loads more.


VST plugins can be used in a wide variety of ways to create synth sounds for songwriting and production. Almost any instrument can be turned into a VST plugin, and more often than not, when you need a certain kind of sound there’s a VST plugin for it. There are several varieties of VST plugins for synth sounds that are worth noting. Polyphonic VST plugins create more than one note at a time, so are great for building complex melodies, chords, and harmonies, while monophonic VST plugins play one note at a time and are commonly used for basslines. Some VST plugins strictly model themselves on reproducing sounds you would expect from analogue instruments, but others go way beyond that. Wavetable VST plugins like MASSIVE and MASSIVE X tend to focus on helping producers create something unusual and completely different to traditional instruments, and can be more useful for experimental productions than other VST plugins.


Trying things out and exploring new territory is hugely important when trying to craft something unique, and using multiple VST plugins will give you a wide range of instruments and sounds to work with. Chaining multiple VST plugins together sis a typical way to start crafting a sound you can call your own. Feeding one VST plugin instrument into a VST plugin effect will alter them even further. This is also common with digital production as lots of recording tools come in VST plugin form – there’s no issue with running multiple VSTs at once – simply load them in and start playing. Native offers over 2,000 free sounds and more than 6 GB of free VST plugin content with KOMPLETE START, so if you’re looking for some inspiration it’s a great way to get started.


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1. Hit the button below to log in and request your free copy of KOMPLETE START
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1: Create a Native Instruments account using Native Access
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3: Launch KOMPLETE KONTROL. Important: Run it in standalone mode before using it in your DAW. This allows it to scan and organize all your sounds.

Maschine is a hardware/software digital audio workstation developed by Native Instruments. Maschine consists of a controller that connects to the included sequencing software, which can be installed on any compatible computer or laptop.


The Maschine controller is designed like a drum machine, similar to products like the Akai MPC.[1] The controller is powered and connected by USB, with each variation featuring 16 pressure sensitive pads and back-lit buttons. The hardware is not limited for sole use with the Maschine software, but is also compatible with Native Instruments' Traktor DJ software, and music production software such as Ableton Live and FL Studio.[2][3][4] There are currently 8 different hardware variations:

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  • Maschine: The original Maschine featured 16 pressure sensitive pads, 11 rotary knobs, 2 LCD screens, and 41 buttons. Alongside the USB connection, Maschine also featured a MIDI input and output to connect to compatible gear externally.[5]
  • Maschine Mikro: Introduced as a lower-priced and more portable option in the Maschine product family, Maschine Mikro featured 16 pressure sensitive pads, a single LCD screen, a single knob, and 28 buttons. Mikro also lacked Maschine's built in MIDI connectivity.[6]
  • Maschine Mk2: Nearly identical to its predecessor, the Mk2 version of Maschine added upgraded pads and RGB backlighting for all of its buttons. Additionally, 3 knobs related to volume, tempo, and swing were replaced with a single jog wheel and 6 buttons. Maschine Mk2 was available in either black or white, and features a removable magnetic top-plate and knobs for further color customization.[7]
  • Maschine Mikro Mk2: The Mk2 configuration of Maschine Mikro featured upgraded pads and RGB backlighting. The hardware layout was unchanged from the previous model, and was available in either black or white. [8]
  • Maschine Studio: Maschine Studio was introduced as the premium edition of the hardware. Maschine Studio features 16 pressure-sensitive pads, RGB backlighting, 9 rotary knobs, 2 color LCD screens, 2 sliders, a jog wheel, and 66 buttons. The controller also features dual MIDI inputs and outputs, 2 foot switch inputs, and an input for a 15v power supply, as USB power is insufficient. [9][10]
  • Maschine Jam: Introduced in 2016, Maschine Jam utilized a new 8x8 grid of pads for better step sequencing control. Maschine Jam also features 8 touch strips that can be used for effects.[11]
  • Maschine Mk3: The Mk3 version of Maschine added larger and more sensitive pads, more and bigger click buttons, its own sound card, better navigation, dual colored LCD screens, and the best features of the Maschine Studio in a compact package.[12]
  • Maschine Mikro Mk3: The Mk3 of Maschine Mikro is the smallest version of Maschine to date and features a smaller LCD screen than older versions, but now includes a touch strip for effects and the upgraded pads from the Maschine Mk3.[13]
  • Maschine+: Introduced in September 2020, Maschine + is a standalone version of Maschine that doesn't need to be plugged to a computer. The hardware features WiFi capabilities to exchange sounds and files with a computer. It can also work with the usual Maschine software, which will be updated to a new version allowing the addition of clips on a linear timeline.
Native instruments akoustik piano vst downloads


The Maschine software is designed to be used as a standalone production studio, or utilized as a plugin within a digital audio workstation. The software is primarily based on drum sequencing and designed for use with the Maschine line of hardware controllers. Users assign drum kits, instruments, and sounds from the included library to each of the controller's 16 pads, and can manipulate sounds further by applying effects and plugins. The software also includes tools to capture and manipulate audio samples in real-time. All functions can be performed without the use of a mouse, and instead directly from the hardware itself.[1] The 2.0 version of the software added multi-core CPU support, a new audio engine, the removal of plugin limits, and other upgrades to UI and audio effects.[14]

Maschine was also ported and simplified into an iOS app called iMaschine. Users use the touch screen to manipulate a virtual recreation of the 16 pads found on the Maschine controller. With the release of iMaschine 2, the app features many of the features found on the full production suite, such as step sequencing, arrangement, and the ability to record and manipulate samples. iMaschine 2 on the iPhone 6s line of phones also utilizes the phone's 3D touch capabilities.[15]


Maschine was first released on April 1, 2009, in a package that contained the original iteration of the hardware controller and Maschine software 1.0. [16]

On October 1, 2011, Native Instruments released Maschine Mikro, a budget oriented version of the hardware controller, but with the updated Maschine 1.7 software. That same year iMaschine was also released, an iOS app which brought key features of both the software and hardware components to the mobile platform.[6]

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A year later, on October 1, 2012, updated iterations of the controllers, Maschine Mk2 and Maschine Mikro Mk2, were both released alongside Maschine 1.8 software. The software came bundled with a copy of Native Instruments' Massive, a synthesizer plugin. [17]

On November 1, 2013, Native Instruments released Maschine Studio, a premium version of the hardware controller, bundled with Maschine 2.0 software.[9]

On November 12, 2015, iMaschine 2 was released for iOS, designed as the successor to the original app.[18]

Maschine Jam was released on September 29, 2016, bringing grid based sequencing to the Maschine workflow much like the Ableton Push controller. [19][20]

Maschine MK3 was announced on September 7, 2017, and was released on October 5, 2017. [21] The updated Maschine includes two colour screens, a built-in audio interface, and larger drum pads than its predecessor. [22]


A selling point of Native Instruments' Maschine is the release of official expansions for the software's digital library on an ongoing basis.[23] Expansions are generally geared toward a specific genre of music, often containing several different virtual drum kits and instruments. The latest expansions also include presets for the Massive and Monark synthesizers, both of which are created and distributed by Native Instruments.[24] As well, many of the expansions have been released for the iMaschine and iMaschine 2 iOS apps, albeit streamlined for use on the mobile platform.[25][26]


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