I recently purchased the CK3000 Evolution car bluetooth hands free kit off eBay for £26, much cheaper than the retail £80. I quickly realised I needed to update the firmware on it as it was quite out of date and the latest 5.25c update from the parrot site fixes issues with Android phones.

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Or visit www.parrot.biz Home / Support / Download Once it is detected, “Parrot CK3100” is displayed on your mobile phone Enter the link code 1234 and vali-date. “Pairing underway” is displayed on the CK3100 “Pairing complete” is displayed on the screen, once pairing is successful. The CK3100 then connects to your mobile phone. Before you begin, download and install the Parrot Software Update Tool software. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is correctly installed on your computer (refer to its user guide for additional information). Updating the Parrot CK3100 by Bluetooth - Broadcomm / Microsoft stack Updating the Parrot CK3100 by Bluetooth - Toshiba stack.

Searching online I could not find the upgrade cable for less than £29. That’s more than I paid for the actual device! Having made my own upgradeunlockgeneral hacking cables for devices before I was pretty much certain the upgrade cable would just be a glorified RS232 – TTL converter which I have made in past for free from spare parts. This turned out to be the case.

Making the cables is a bit laborious and I had previously spotted on ebay that you can buy a standard RS232 – TTL converter cable at a silly price. This was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. I bought the cheapest RS232 – TTL Converter on ebay from Hong Kong which only cost £1.79 ($2.91). I could barely post something to another person in the UK for that price, never mind buy the parts! The downside, unfortunately I had to wait 24 days for it to arrive argh!

As I didn’t know the pinout this was definitely something to be done from the comfort of my own home rather than in the car, so I knew I’d need a 12v power supply. The CK3000 takes its power from a 4 pin square molex connector, exactly the same shape as an ATX motherboard power supply. I had a PC power supply which had died a few months ago so I cut this off and attached it to a 12V DC 3A power supply (the writing on the blue CK3000 control unit says it only requires 300mA so this was more than enough).

Just had a thought… I didn’t check the wiring before I cut it off the PC power supply as I intended to wire it up manually, therefore I don’t know if the parrot and PC PSU 4 pin molex pinout is the same. Make sure you check this if you intend to power it from a PC PSU directly.

With a multimeter it was quickly worked out that pins 2,4,6 are GND; 3,7,10 +12V; 8 +5V. This only left 1,5 & 9 to be either Tx or Rx. The 5v on pin 8 was not enough to power the TTL circuit, I am not sure what it is for. Anyway to cut a long story short here is the pinout below.

I would be very interested to hear from someone with an official upgrade cable to tell me if that pinout matches theirs. All I know is, this one works…

Parrot Ck3100 Software Update Via Bluetooth

Previous cables I have made required a 5V Vcc input from the device to power the MAX232/233. Pin 8 on this device didn’t provide enough power for this, but the new TTL Converter I bought took its 5v power supply from a spare USB port. I used the spare Vcc cable to connect pins 9 & 10.

The update process is fairly simple. Connect the TTL device to the blue control box but leave the device unpowered. Load up the Parrot software and wait for it to say XPRAM downloading… Then connect the power and watch it go… I had lots of failed attempts and a few heart stopping moments when I thought I bricked it after it got stuck after wiping the flash. Thankfully it’s pretty resilient and it still lets you update it in this scenario after restarting the process.

Update: If you own the CK3000, CK3100, CK3300 or CK3500 please see: Parrot CK3100 CK3300 CK3500 DIY Flash Upgrade Programming Cable – TTL Pinout

Parrot Ck3100 Software Update Cable

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Parrot Ck3100 Software Update

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Parrot Ck3100 Installation Instructions

Hi, I'm trying to update my CK3100 via bluetooth. I've activated the software update option In the advanced setup, but when I search on the laptop for the device its not shown. My laptop's bluetooth configuration is operating correctly, and the CK3100 pairs ok with my C500 phone. I'm running version 4.03 firmware. What can I do to fix this ? I've seen on the update utility that there's a serial option , is there a cable able to use instead of bluetooth ?
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You need to pair the parrot and the computer first - go to control pannel - Bluetooth Devices - click '[email protected]; the computer will search and find the car kit which should be switched on - pair the devices. Then. Use the Parrot update facility with the car kit set to 'Update software' - the car kit will now be found.
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I paired them and it still won't update the software. It fails at the first step of the software push. Any ideas?
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Parrot ck3100 software update cableCk3100
Early versions of the CK3100 cannont be updated via Bluetooth - but don't think 4.03 should be a problem. Try this: Remove drivers that came with Bluetooth adaptor & re-boot with dongle unplugged. After re-boot, re-insert dongle and let Win XP install native drivers, then run Parrot update again. IMPORTANT! When the firmware has downloaded do NOT remove power from the CK3100 until it has turned off AND re-booted itself - about 20 seconds. If power is removed during update process it can corrupt the bootloader programme and unit has to be returned to Parrot for re-flash. www.justcarkits.co.uk Tel: 01753-673500 email: [email protected]
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Hi i tried to update mine via BLuetooth but seemed to have the same problems as you. I later tried to do it using the Bluetooth and Virtual Conection option. This seemed to work for me. Follw this link, but i think you might have done allready copt and paste it.. http://www.driveblue.com/(kdtpfe45y1meyvizahclva55)/download/HTML_Update_Procedure/CK3x00_Updade_Procedure_(En).htm
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