Sanford Reverb is a free reverb plugin that gives you full control over the reverberation of your sound. It used to be a paid plugin, but free since 2015. This review will give you some insights in how this plugin works and what you can do with it!

  1. Sanford Reverb Vst

I use this plugin for all sorts of productions; it’s perfect for ambient sounds since there’s a modulation section which can make it real trippy. But you can definitely use this plugin for drums as well. As an example I gave 1 snare three kinds of reverb so you can hear what’s possible. The first is the original sample. The second and third reverbs are made by me. The fourth is made with one of Sanford’s presets.

Plate reverb is great for vocals. It is exclusively created for vocals in the 60s and since. The Sanford Reverb (64 bit) is truly one of the best reverb plugins in my collection. I want to thank Leslie Sanford for creating one of the best reverb plugins ever made. This plugin is very flexible, easy to understand, has an amazing natural sound, professional, and is very user friendly. The user guide for this plugin is great also. We make digital reverb and analog-inspired delay plugins for musicians, engineers and other audio artists. We're obsessed with creating powerful tools with simple interfaces. Our goal is to inspire you and help your work to flow.

Snare 1: Original (no reverb)

Snare 2: Custom Reverb 1

Download free VST,VSTi,plugins & Instruments by Chroma DSP Download Free VST,VSTi,plugins & Instruments By Chroma DSP #looperman Read our latest audio tutorials, hints & tips. VST 4 FREE - Free Audio Plug-ins and Archives. Sanford Delay is a free Stereo delay plugin developed by Leslie Sanford. Instruments Effects MIDI Hosts What's new Sanford Delay by Leslie Sanford. Win 32 VST (0.5 Mb) V 2.7.

Snare 3: Custom Reverb 2

Snare 4: Rumble Room Preset

Do you want these 4 snares?Click here to download for free! The snare used in this example is from our Soul Skool Hip Hop Pack and is featured in its free demo pack.

Sanford Reverb Overview

This plugin is divided in 5 sections: Early Reflections, Mix, Reverb, Filter and Modulation. It also comes with 20 presets, which are really well designed and the names of the presets will definitely give you a good indication of what the reverberation will sound like.

Sanford Reverb (Snare 2: Custom 1)

Early Reflections

This section makes Sanford Reverb such a good plugin. For those who don’t exactly know what early reflection are, see image below, or check out our article “What is Reverb?”. There are 6 early reflections available, 3 for each channel. Each has it own controls: Time, Pan, Level and an On/Off switch.

Sanford Reverb Vst Plugin Download

Elements of Reverb. Adobe lightroom portable torrent. Source: The Encyclopedia of Home Recording

Time is the amount of time that passes before you hear the reflection. This can really shape your reverberation. Do you want them to follow up quickly or do you want a gap in between two reflections? It’s all possible.

With Pan you can, obviously, pan the sound. This way you can let all the reflections come from your left, I however recommend that for “normal reverberation” you use 2 or 3 for left and the same for right.

The Level parameter determines the loudness of the early reflection. Usually the first reflection is the loudest, the third the weakest. But as I said before, this plugin gives you full control so you can experiment with it and adjust it however you like!


The mix section has 4 controls: Dry, ER, LR and Out. These controls are featured on most reverb plugins so you’re probably familiar with them.

With the Dry parameter you control how much of the initial input is passed out of the Sanford Reverb plugin. ER stands for Early Reflections and determines the level of all the early reflections. LR is the same, but then for the level of Late Reflections (reverb tail). And Out controls the overall output level of the plugin.

Sanford Reverb Vst


This is your most typical filter. A Low Cut (highpass) and High Cut (lowpass) filter. There’s not much to say about this filter/section. It does what it has to do and that’s filtering out unwanted frequencies.


This section gives you control of the Pre-Delay, Time and Damp. It also holds a Freeze function, which lets you freeze the reverb, making it play continuously without fading away. This way you can listen carefully to your reverberation.

Pre-Delay is the amount of time (ms) it takes before the reverb progress starts. This way you can simulate how long it takes for the sound to reflect and gets back at you.

With the Time knob you set the amount of time it takes for your reverberation to fade out. When you close this knob, you will only hear the early reflections and no tail at all.

Damp is a feature I wasn’t that familiar with when I got this plugin, however I really like it now and I think a reverb plugin is not complete without one (most have it as far as I know, some name it differently). I didn’t know how to put the effect of this control into words, so I opened the manual. Sanford describes it perfectly, so I will just quote the manual: “The Damping control determines the damping frequency. The lower it’s set, the more quickly the reverb will lose higher frequencies. This helps simulate the absorbent quality of a room. For example, a room with carpet on the floor will lose higher frequencies more quickly than an uncarpeted room.”


Modulation lets your sound “move”. So in this situation it will add motion to your late reflections. It’s pretty straight forward, the Depth controls the depth of the modulation and the Speed controls you the speed/rate of the modulation (how often it bounces up and down).


I’ve downloaded this plugin when it became free and I’m still using it since. What I like the most about this plugin is that you can adjust the time, pan and level of the early reflections. I also like the presets it comes with, they will give you a good starting point to create your own unique reverb.

Reverb is one of the key sound engineering instruments out there. This is an audio effect you will ever find on every mix.

There are so many plugins for reverb out there. It is a large task to decide which one to use. And scrubbing hundreds of plugins will quickly undermine your creativity.

But you will have a good idea to choose the correctinstruments to produce the ideal environment to improve your blend if you areaware of the distinct kinds of reverb plugins.


  • 10 Synthescience’s Freeze Chamber

Tal- Reverb-4

  • Tal-Reverb-4 is the recent secure reverb plug-in from TAL, the TAL sampler reverb.
  • You can replicate very diffused signals (that means that the reverb’s reflections are shifted more closely and you have a thinner reverberated noise) as well as a modulated antique reverb noise to offer your reverb a more genuine feature.
  • The vibrant and big reverb noise of Tal-Reverb-4 has demonstrated capable of adding to your plugin repertoire and can contend with business plug-ins.

Voxengo OldSkoolVerb

  • OldSkoolVerb is one of Voxengo’s finest open reverb plug-ins for your music projects around the world.
  • This freeware reverberation uses a “standard” audio reverb method to generate transparent and sound-uniting temporal pictures.
  • With the reverb plug-in, for many distinct areas, including chambers, corridors, and tiny spaces, you can produce compelling reverb recordings.
  • The OldSkool Reverb systems are simple to use and can be controlled quickly to get the highest feasible reverb noise! The OldSkoolVerb is best adapted to features like vocal, piano, and soft attack.

Smarteletronicx Ambience Reverb

  • Ambient reverb has a lot of excellent characteristics and some rather unusual checks, which could produce exciting impacts.
  • The “gate” button, for instance, can open or click on your reverb to create a distinctive visual impact. Also, you can keep the reverb on an endless loop with the “keep” click.
  • This is good if you want to continue with your reverb or build a kind of coverage throughout your path.
  • Ambience has a large set of 78 presets that display the reverb ability as well as these distinctive parameters.
  • The capacity to form the reverb with its parts Shape, EQ & Damping is also another major characteristic of the plug-in.

Dasample GlaceVerb

  • GlaceVerb is freeware which utilizes a patented method for vibration deformations and sound content and substrates for measuring residual vector modulation.
  • With this reverb you can adjust your bass, dry, wet and size to give your reverb its own unique but realistic sounds, from the flat to high reverberation, surface parameters (like absorption, texture, and reflections.
  • GlaceVerb will not only take you by shock but offer your noise a distinctive boost if you are a guy who likes experimenting with reverbs. Its 64 predefined devices create it perfect for manufacturers and innovative minds alike.

Saltlinr Lisc-Verb

  • Initially, because of the complex look of this plug-in, you might be disinclined to use it, but let me inform you this plug-in is worth diving into.
  • Its design and layout can provide texture and room for every noise source, from generating a weird atmosphere for buttons and exciting music pieces for rhythms.
  • It also has a delayed space where even more complicated temporal impacts can be created.
  • This plugin includes various parts of filters and personalized routes to decide how to process reverses, making this VST perfect for sophisticated and innovative sound design.

Leslie’s Sanford Reverb

  • The Sanford reverb is a must-download if you like to get a thick, smooth, clear noise from your reverb. From the premature reflection segment, the real power of this reverb emerges.
  • The initial pictures of a reverb provide your brain with data on the space width and the range between objects in space.
  • Since you regulate the premature waves completely in the Sanford reverb, you can create a wide range of rooms readily.
  • A modulation part, a filter, a freeze key and a loop over early reflexions are included in the plugin.

MuTools’s MuVerb

  • MuVerb is a great noise multifunctional plug-in. The reverb plugin arrives with 10 manufacturing presets and is quite simple to use.
  • This reverb arrives with a turbulence segment, an EQ part, a damping function, a pre-delay on the left and correct lines as well as a declining command. Although the reverb can be positioned almost on any son, it feels superior to children with brief or intermediate reverb tail waves. This reverb is the most important one for us.

Variety of Sound’s epicVerb

  • EpicVerb seeks to replenish both tiny and ambient spaces and corridors. It arrives with premature vision checks 1st and 2nd, an EQ, a sound stretcher, six kinds of reverb and a pre-delay.
  • The ambience change is an uncommon command of this reverb. The reverb can be converted to a setting that plays the reverb’s impulsive reaction without a tailor early reflection, rendering it perfect for impacts and tones that involve a brief decay.

Semantic Audio’s Safe Reverb

  • The Semantic Audio’s Safe Reverb is the reverb of reverbs. Semantic Audio thought that the manufacturer should not have to enter a certain tone into particular parameters.
  • Therefore, you have included a text box in which the parameters are going around in order to display a semantic word such as hot, shiny or painful in the text box in the reduced right-hand panel.
  • This one kind of plug-in needs to be tested! The Semantic Audio Return has been discovered to be suitable for use in your tracks from Drums to FX in general.

Synthescience’s Freeze Chamber

  • Freeze-chamber is a simple reverberation processor, provides you with the desired spacious touch and minimum tweaks on your video recordings.
  • With a freeze-chamber change, a noise comparable to that of a cello tone can be made in frozen condition at any moment (when the reverb operation is underway).
  • The reverb displays a very wide and vibrant noise that looks good to components that involve an hall-type reverb, such as strings, pianos or synths. This plugin includes a large sound system that shows its variety of sounds and has a capacity to hold 64 presets.