Hacked Online Games has the best collection of hacked games and we are happy to invite you to visit our resource. SORRY FOR THE ENDING! My bro had called c:Link to Video: Me On Twitter: @IndecisiveGA. Stucker (Tucker) is a white stickman with a red-orange outline, and is a member of the Slush Fighters. He uses daggers and tactics as weapons and skills. In the game, he gains a bandanna. His powers are loosely based on the Warcraft rogue class and Scott Pilgrim. 1 Slush Invaders 2 Slush Invaders: Game 2.1 Abilities 2.2 Upgrades 3 Slush Invaders: Duel 4 Slush Tile Rush 5 Gallery 6 Trivia 6.1.

Some are still getting stuck a black-screen, my only suggestion right now is to try playing in the pop-up window w/ the latest version of Flash Player*

Also added an alternate targeting scheme (just click on an enemy with the mouse to target it)
The Slush Fighters are back! Use a variety of characters to repel the invasion once and for all!

20+ levels take place from a college campus, to the countryside, a winter village, and even into a digital world. Featuring multiple boss battles that come with powerful rewards.

Progress through each of the levels by propelling the main enemy through the air.
Allowing the main bad guy to slow down will cause game over.

-Mouse + some keyboard controls (although it can be played with only the keyboard).
-Click a fighter's icon on the display to initiate an attack on the current target.
-Press 'Q' and 'E' to target specific enemies on screen.
-Press 'W' to revert back to the main enemy.
-Team Menu: Add/drop characters to your team and buy upgrades with your score.
-Map Menu(Level Select): Replay older levels for a higher score (and more spendable points!).

Play Slush Invaders

*Edit* Sorry about the bugs guys, usually a quick refresh or exiting to the main menu will fix it. Also this game is pretty graphics intensive, so try lowering the quality to help with the lag.

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Slush Invaders 3

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Beat up stickmen in this distance game. Call in your fighters at the right time to keep him flying.
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