There is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch came out swinging and in its first couple of years of life had great game after great game. I think that you could make the argument that Super Mario Odyssey is not just one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch, but one of the best games of this generation.

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Peach Is Kidnapped Again????


Well yes, she is, but Super Mario Odyssey does it a little bit different. Bowser decides that if he is going to kidnap her he is going to make an honest woman out of her and actually marry her. For this, he calls in this group of rabbits called The Broodals. Mario tries to save her but gets his butt kicked, thrown off the ship the fight is taken place and finds himself on a strange planet. This place is the Cap Kingdom and this is where he meets his new buddy, Cappy.Mario and Cappy join forces to save Bowser and Cappy’s girl and put things right in the universe. As with most Mario games, the story really does not matter, but I feel Nintendo made a real effort here and it is very charming.

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Mario Has Possessing Powers!

Cappy changes things up considerably, most notably by throwing Cappy at an enemy gives Mario the ability to possess the enemy. This is really cool and it allows you to then use an enemies abilities to get past sections in the level. For example, you can use Cappy to possess a frog to jump high, a T-Rex to do some major damage and a ton of other things. This changes up the Mario gameplay considerably and makes you think about what is best to get around each level.

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The Best Platforming Around


While using Cappy is awesome. Mario once again controls like a dream and you will be jumping, running and exploring levels looking for every nook and cranny. Each level has Power Moons are what you need to power your own ship, The Odyssey. Some are easier than others to get and this is what makes the Mario games so great.I would say that even a novice gamer would be able to get through Mario Odyssey and see the ending. However, it takes some real skill in order to get all of the Power Moons and 100 percent the game. It truly is a game that everyone can play and enjoy.Super Mario Odyssey features a ton of worlds for you to explore. The creativity in these worlds is amazing and while all the attention was given to New Donk City before the game was released. There are many fun kingdoms for you to explore, my personal favorite was Bowser’s Kingdom. It looked like a Chinese fort and had these adorable bird things that you had to possess.

How To Control It?

Super Mario Odyssey does feature motion controls, but these are very in intrusive and to be honest with you I played through the whole game with a Pro Controller. The game says that you miss out on somethings if you do this, but I never once felt like I did. So play the game with whatever controller you find more comfortable.

I could write all day about Super Mario Odyssey, but I think the best way to know just how good this game is, is for you to go and play it. I had so much fun with this game and I am sure you will too. Certain games are system sellers and Super Mario Odyssey is certainly a system seller I do not think there has been a better platform game released this console generation and it is well worth getting a Nintendo Switch just to play this game!

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  • Fantastic graphics
  • The different Kingdoms are a joy to explore
  • Very tight and responsive controls
  • Using Cappy is a lot of fun
  • New villains are really cool

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  • I kind of miss the Koopalings and Bowser JR
  • Nothing else at all!
Overall rating: 9.5