Software package that includes system tools for calculating the energy consumption of your computer, refreshing tray icons, getting information about your PC, and listing all running processes

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Syspro is a Windows software package that comes bundled with a collection of applications that you can deploy on your system in order to improve its overall performance.

You can find out details about the energy consumption of your PC, refresh the system tray, get extra information about your computer, as well as perform some system tweaks.

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System tools

The utilities embedded in Syspro are not gathered in a single working environment from where you can activate them using simple clicks, a thing which may prove to be a bit inconvenient for some users. You need to manually open the target application.

Syspro integrates several system tools that are designed to help you calculate the energy consumption of your computer for a certain time interval and refresh the system tray icon in order to make unused program icons disappear.

You can also get information about your system, such as computer name, current username, service pack, volume label, serial number, total and free space, IP address, startup directory, and desktop directory. Data can be opened in Notepad from where you can save it to plain text file format or print it.

Furthermore, you are allowed to print the drives that are present on your system, view data about a custom file (attributes, long and short names, size, date, version), clean temporary files, close all running programs, list all running processes, download data, as well as work with an analog clock and set up alarms.


Other utilities included in the package enable you to change the title of a window and adjust the transparency of panels.

Bottom line

All in all, Syspro accommodates a bunch of handy system tools for getting details about your system and improving its productivity. However, you need to manually trace and open each utility. Each tool is quite simplistic and provides support only for basic features. The program hasn’t been updated for a while so it may cause compatibility issues on newer operating systems.

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Syspro 6.1 Manual

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