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Airwindows has released ToTape5, a free analog tape emulation for Windows and Mac.

It builds upon the previous four versions (which have been some of my best sellers) and incorporates everything learned from the Purest series of plugins, to produce a tape emulation that does what analog does. (Analog tape does really good things for mixes, and it’s very difficult to get it right without sinking into a morass of overprocessing and digital blandness)

It’s better than Iron Oxide, always was. Iron Oxide is for ‘slamming tape for effect’, for putting on individual tracks, not realism. ToTape is for realism and quality: for ‘mixing to tape’, in the box. I don’t think there is anything else that can stand as much scrutiny as ToTape will: it’s developed on mastering-grade gear and when used in its most optimized state, it’s not a toy. It should be more transparent and musical than most plugins (never mind ‘tape emulation’ plugins, which are generally not even as transparent and musical as a good digital EQ plugin).

Video Player Vst Plugin Free Download Fl Studio

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ToTape5 is available for Windows and Mac (32/64-bit VST/AU).

Chris has also recently updated the BussColors console emulation, which now works up to 192K.

BussColors4 is the newest version of BussColors, and it works at any sample rate and gets you the same sound. Better, in fact: I like what it does a lot better at 96K and 192K.

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Video Player Vst Plugin Free Download

It also doesn’t greatly expand processing and CPU hit at higher sample rates. I think this one’s a real highlight of the Airwindows arsenal. It would definitely be worth your $50, like its predecessors (well, I always did give existing BussColors users free updates for life, I mean for new buyers). Feel free to shoot it out against the most expensive and/or CPU-hungry options and I think it will clobber all comers.

Video Player 2 Vst Plugin Free Download

BussColors 4 is also available for free.

Video Player Vst Plugin Free Download For Windows

Make sure to check Airwindows for more AU/VST plugins as Chris releases them faster than I can keep up with. You can support his work at Patreon.

Video Player Vst Plugin Free Download Final Cut

More information: Airwindows