Watch Dogs 2 runs on the Disrupt game engine, which is developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

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Since every game’s engine is different, so different tools and strategies are used to manipulate game’s source files.


In case of Watch Dogs 2, it’s data files have extensions of .dat and .fat types.

A DAT file is a generic data file created by a specific application. It may contain data in binary or text format (text-based DAT files can be viewed in a text editor). DAT files are typically accessed only by the application that created them. Many programs create, open, or reference DAT files.

Due to the Disrupt engine, these files can’t be extracted by any normal extractor or text editor.

To extract sound files from the .dat/.fat data files you will need some tools which i am linking references to:

  1. Watch Dogs 2 patch files (WD2 patch tools) -This will extract the .dat data file
  2. .wem to .ogg converter – The extracted sound files will be in .wem format which are unplayable by any audio player in Windows. So you need to convert them to .ogg format which can be played by any audio player.!At8Z5w89AihZndkYb8tVxF3l5ldqBg
  3. .bnk to .ogg/.mp3 converter – Some sound files may get extracted to .bnk extensions. These are soundbanks, containing multiple .wem audio files.
  4. (Optional) I recommend using Resonic Player – It is a super fast and free audio player that will play the extracted files hassle-free.

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Extracting sound files

First of all, copy the data file which you want to extract to have a backup in case of corruption. (e.g. copy sound.dat and sound.fat both from game’s directory to desktop.)

Now, put all the tools and the data files on the desktop.

drag and drop the sound.fat on WD2Extract.bat file. It would then extract the sound.dat file into a new subfolder named soundbinary in the sound folder.

At this point, you would now have a folder named soundbinary with many files having .wem extensions. As mentioned above, these can’t be played with any audio player. You would now need to convert these .wem files to something playable format like .ogg format.

To convert these .wem to .ogg format, you would need the converter linked above. First download the converter and extract it to desktop.

Copy the contents of the divinity_sound_converter to the soundbinary folder and then run divinity_converter.exe application.

After conversion, you would have all the converted files in the NUMBERED folder as all the .wem files are numbered. Those converted files should now be playable.

I am playing these files using the simple Resonic Player (beta).

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And that’s it! You now have extracted sound files from the sound.dat file

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NOTEAfter extraction of different .dat files, many files will be of .bnk type, to extract these you would need .bnk to .ogg converter