This guide will show you how to download Wii U and Wii game backups using Wii U USB Helper. USB Helper Launcher is a set of patches to revive the discontinued USB Helper. USB Helper can also convert Gamecube.ISO game files to virtual console injects that can be launched from the Wii U System Menu and played on the Gamepad. Wii U helper Transfer tool Manage backup Wii U 3DS Helper Manage. DOWNLOAD Wii U USB Helper for Windows. This enables Disqus, Inc. To process some of your data.

This guide will show you how to backup and import Wii U Save files onto your hacked Wii U console. This will require the homebrew application SaveMii Mod by GabyPCGeek.

Wii U Save Files Compilation (GBAtemp)

Hacked Wii U on Firmware 5.5.4

  • The SaveMii Mod homebrew application requires a Wii U with custom firmware such as Mocha or Haxchi

SD Card (64B or larger recommended)

  • An SD card is required to install homebrew and manage save files on your Wii U console
  • The SD card must be formatted to FAT32

Homebrew App Store for Wii U

  • SaveMii Mod can easily be downloaded and installed directly to your Wii U from the Homebrew App Store
  • You should already have the Homebrew App Store if you followed the Mocha, Haxchi or
  1. Load your custom firmware patches and launch the Homebrew Launcher via your preferred method
    • Mocha CFW users simply visit on the Wii U Internet Browser
    • Haxchi users must launch Haxchi and hold [A] while it boots to load the Homebrew Launcher
    • Coldboot Haxchi users must press [Home] while it is autobooting to access the menu and select [Boot Homebrew Launcher]
  2. Select the Homebrew App Store -> [Load]
  3. Browse or search for SaveMii Mod (not SaveMii)
  4. Press [A] to download and wait for the process to complete
  5. Press [-] to return to the Homebrew Launcher
  6. Select SaveMii Mod -> [Load]
  1. From the SaveMii Mod menu, select [Wii U Save Management]
  2. Select the game save file that you wish to backup
    Only titles in green can be backed up. Titles in yellow are likely to be vWii / VC injects or games without an initial save file.
  3. Select [Backup savedata]
  4. Select an [(Empty)] slot
  5. Set [Wii U user] to your user profile
  6. Set [Include ‘common’ save?] to [yes]
    The majority of games saves for Wii U are User specific, however some games share saves across users. Select your user profile + ‘common’ folder or [all users] depending on your game’s requirements
  7. Press [A] to begin the backup and wait for the process to complete
  8. Your backup will be stored in the /wiiu/backups/ folder on your SD card

Wii U backups need to be placed in the /wiiu/backups/ folder to be imported with SaveMii. Wii U save folders downloaded online must be stored in a specific way to be recognised by SaveMii Mod.

  1. Remove any hyphens (-) from the name of the /[TitleID]/ folder
  2. Create a folder named 0 in the /wiiu/backups/[TitleID]/ folder of your save. This folder should also contain your user folder /80000001/ and possibly a /common/ folder
  3. Move the user folder /80000001/ and the /common/ folder into the /0/ folder
  4. Your Wii U save backup folder should now look like /wiiu/backups/[TitleID]/0/80000001/
  5. Insert your SD card and power on your Wii U
  6. Launch SaveMii Mod via the Homebrew Launcher
  7. From the SaveMii Mod menu, select [Wii U Save Management]
  8. Select the game save that you wish to import
    Only titles in green can be imported. Titles in yellow are likely to be vWii / VC injects or games without an initial save file.
  9. Select [Restore savedata]
  10. Select slot [000 (Used)]
  11. Set [SD user] to [80000001 (Has Save)]
  12. Select your user profile as the [Wii U user]
  13. Set [Include ‘common’ save?] to [yes] if there is a /common/ folder
  14. Press [A] to begin the backup, press [A] to confirm and choose [A] or [B] to backup the pre-existing save data and wait for the process to complete
  15. Press the [Home] button once complete and return to the Wii U System Menu
  16. Launch your game and enjoy the imported save file

Download and Install Wii U Games with USB Helper Launcher

Install and Play Gamecube Games (ISO) on Wii U GamePad

Homebrew App Store for Wii U

RetroArch – Emulation on Nintendo Wii U

Share this story (This story has been updated with further information at the bottom of this post) Downloading Nintendo’s massive, day-one Wii U firmware update took over an hour, but the length of time didn't bother me. I would finally be able to transfer the Virtual Console games I bought for the Wii over to my new Wii U. Then I could finally remove the old console itself from my entertainment center. Unfortunately, my plan failed. Nintendo’s over-zealous DRM scheme, combined with a malfunction in my launch-era Wii hardware, instead trapped my purchases on the Wii.

Unless I’m willing to pay Nintendo to help me out, $400 of downloaded games will remain in limbo. An error occurred Moving content from an old Wii to a new Wii U could have been as simple as transferring Wii-based content to an SD card, then inserting that card into the Wii U.

Instead, Nintendo set up a convoluted DRM system, hoping to ensure Wii owners could only play downloaded games (or access other personal content) on a single console. The actual transfer process is handled by a free “Wii Transfer Tool,” which you download from the Wii Shop Channel to both the old and new systems.

As the on-screen instructions explain in great detail, the process has three main steps:. Insert an SD card with at least 512MB free into the Wii U.

The Wii U then registers the system and SD card with an Internet server. Next, it prepares a partition on the SD card for the transfer. Put that same SD card into the Wii. The system connects to the Internet (presumably to confirm this content hasn’t been copied to another system yet), then copies the entire contents of the Wii system memory to the SD card. It will simultaneously delete that content from the source Wii.

Put the SD card back into the Wii U. After a final Internet check, all the data and personal information on the Wii is copied to the Wii U. Getting this entire process set up was time-consuming and inconvenient. It required a lot of remote juggling and TV input switching. But after half an hour, I was finally watching a bunch of cute Pikmin slowly copy the accumulated contents of my Wii to the SD card. Then, with Step 2 of the above process roughly 33 percent done, the screen suddenly went black. My Wii displayed the message shown at the top of this post: “An error occurred while accessing Wii system memory.

Refer to the Wii Operations Manual for details.” At this point, I had one thought—I was totally screwed. The Wii Transfer Tool warned me a dozen times not to turn off the system or remove the SD card during the transfer process.

Aahat season 1. My data might have been corrupted. Or perhaps Nintendo’s servers already registered my transfer attempt and would prevent me from even trying again. The system wasn’t responding to any Wii Remote input or even to a normal press of the power button. I finally bit the bullet: it was time to hold the power button down to perform a hard reset. Initially, things looked good, and I was surprised to find my data was unaffected.

Wii U Transfer To Switch

The transfer process started up again without a hitch. But the calm didn't last long; my second transfer stopped at exactly the same point as the first. A third attempt yielded the same results. I finally listened to the screen and looked at the manual. The Wii Operations Manual pointed me to the Nintendo Support Website.

The Nintendo Support Website directed me to an 800 number. The representative there delivered the news coolly: my system needed to be repaired before I could continue the transfer process. My Wii is well past its 12-month warranty, so this process would cost $75 plus a $10 cherry on top for the shipping. What's actually trapped. / Luckily, my data wasn't lost. Just trapped.

Without the repair, I could recover some data from my Wii. My most important save data is already backed up to an SD card, and the rest can also be copied over to my Wii U without issue.

(However, the Wii U oddly insists that I play each game on the new system before I’m allowed to copy over said data.) But the Wii hardware actively prevents me from copying the save data for some games, most notably Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. My guess is that this is to solve possible technical or fairness issues associated with using the same online account on multiple systems. I still don’t really understand why that means the characters and levels I’ve unlocked have to be trapped on my Wii forever. I’m assuming the Wii Transfer Tool could move this save data for me, but the memory issue makes it impossible without paying for a repair. All of that is only a minor inconvenience.

The larger issue remains: the fate of dozens of Virtual Console games I’ve purchased for my Wii over the years hangs in the balance. The collection is worth about $400 by my estimates. Most of these games are backed up on that same SD card (since they wouldn’t all fit on the Wii system memory), but Nintendo’s copy protection ties their license data exclusively to the Wii system on which they were originally downloaded.

The Wii Transfer Tool would move this license data for me, if it worked. As it stands, the games stay jailed on antiquated hardware. If I want to re-download my purchases to the Wii U, there’s no way for me to confirm to the new system that I am, in fact, the person who purchased all these games. My Wii Shop account data is also tied to the Wii on which it was set up. (Naturally, shifting it to the Wii U requires the Wii Transfer Tool.) The 300 Wii Shop Points (worth only $3) I had left over are a small casualty of this situation, but I'm suddenly glad I didn’t keep a larger virtual currency balance. Any Miis I created or stored on the Wii are also trapped if the Wii Transfer Tool won't ultimately work, but I can't say I'm too broken up about that. I asked the Nintendo support representative whether there was any way to just transfer my license and account data from the Wii to the Wii U.

This could prove to the system that I am me, without having to use the non-responsive Transfer Tool. The short answer? I was told that the only way to get my account moved was to pay for the system repairs, then try the transfer again. The representative seemed unsure if my save data (including the uncopyable Smash Bros. And Mario Kart data) would be safe throughout the repair process.

He assured me that my license and account data would be fine and transferable, though, even if Nintendo had to replace the entire system piece by piece. I had to stand up a bit here. I complained that the quoted $85 seemed like a high price for the ability to transfer games I already legally purchased (and to repair a system I was literally planning on never using again).

My efforts earned me a “loyal customer” discount of $25. The rep then e-mailed me a printable shipping slip and said I had 14 months to use it. I would be charged $60 (plus Pennsylvania sales tax) only when the system was repaired and ready to be sent back—one to two weeks after Nintendo receives it. The choice That’s where things stand. Thanks to aging hardware and a strict DRM system, I have a choice to make. Spend $60 to move $400 of legitimate Virtual Console purchases and other data from my aging Wii to my brand new Wii U—or don't. If I pass, at least I can continue playing those games on the Wii until the memory issue affecting the transfer process eventually prevents the Wii from working at all.

At that point, I presume I would need the same repair option to save my purchases. At the moment, I’m undecided. I enjoy having a virtual library of classic games at my fingertips on the Wii, but truthfully, I rarely play those titles. (I don't need a quick hit of nostalgia on the big screen every day.) And I loathe essentially rewarding Nintendo by paying the company for making this process so difficult. Then again, I’ve already sunk hundreds of dollars into buying these games, and I would prefer to keep that value going forward. Most Wii owners will probably be able to use the transfer tool without a hitch, seamlessly enjoying their older content on the newer system. Sadly, a 'loyal customer' like me wasn't so lucky.

UPDATE: suggested that I might be able to avoid having to send my Wii in for repair by formatting my Wii's system memory and trying the transfer process again. This would guarantee I would lose the uncopyable save data on the system, but I would save the cost and hassle of a Nintendo repair. After triple-checking my backup, I tried reformatting this morning. After waiting an hour and a half (for a process that Internet reports say usually takes a couple of minutes), I decided that the formatting had failed somewhere (even though the system showed it was still processing).

I performed a hard reset, expecting my console to be a useless brick, but instead found that the formatting seems to have deleted some, but not all, of my saved data. I redownloaded the Wii Transfer Tool and started the process again, only to find that I got the same memory error, only now it appeared almost immediately, rather than a third of the way into the process. Just for kicks, I went into my Wii save data management and tried deleting the file that the process seemed to be hanging on, an old save for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. The system has been trying to delete that small file for the last ten minutes now without success. At this point, I'm guessing there's a physical problem with a specific memory location inside that file that is causing the transfer to malfunction.

Again, most Wii owners probably won't run in to this specific problem, and I don't necessarily expect Nintendo to be responsible for a physical problem in a system that's five years out of warranty. But the only reason this small hardware problem is an issue at all is that Nintendo's DRM is forcing the Transfer Tool to freeze on that bad sector, rather than simply letting me copy files from a clean backup or re-download purchases through a password-protected account. Since this story was published, Nintendo PR has reached out to offer me a free repair on my console (an offer which Ars Technica's code of ethics prevents me from accepting).

I'm currently awaiting a response from Nintendo on the prevalence of this kind of issue and whether the company would consider extending the Wii U's warranty to cover transfer-related issues on older Wii consoles. Until then, I'm leaning toward paying to send the system in for repairs, just to see how the entire process goes and to confirm whether or not it will actually fix my problem. I'll be sure to update you if and when I have more information on that score. Promoted Comments.

Wise, Aged Ars Veteran. The reason that the game data for Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart Wii isn't transferred is because those games can be played via the internet. Any game that can use the internet won't allow game data to be backed up to an SD card or use the SD card to store the data. I hit this same issue when my launch series Wii's optical drive died and I got a new Wii to replace it. A guy that I work with had the same drive failure occur on his launch series Wii and he took it to a local repair shop to get the drive replaced because of the library of Virtual Console games his kids have on the unit. In fact, things are even more irritating in these cases because unless you send the unit into Nintendo themselves for repair, you are unable to transfer any Virtual Console purchases between Wii consoles at all.

The fact that Nintendo even provides a tool like this for the Wii U is at least a tiny step in the right direction for them. I have to agree with the other people though, that with other platforms like XBox, PS3, iOS, Android and Steam allowing this to work with a single account and not binding the account to a device (with the exception of iOS, which allows a maximum of 5 devices to be tied to a single iTunes account (or did, not sure if that is still the case)), it is time that Nintendo catch up with the times. It can't be because all the third party developers are asking for it, since those same developers are fine with the way it works on the other platforms. This has to be something that is specifically for first party games from Nintendo.

Wii U Transfer Tool Wad Download Sites For Windows 10

Shawn 108 posts registered Feb 28, 2005 Latest Ars Video.

Note: If a channel is not marked as RF, StartPatch or Preloader with hacks is required to run the out of region channels on your wii. Channels marked 'Discontinued' have stopped working and are no longer useful in any meaningful capacity. Some of these channels provided limited-time content for upcoming games, TV specials, or similar offerings. Many others, such as Weather, News, and the Check Mii Out and Everybody Votes channels were discontinued June 27, 2013 as part of a phase-out of WiiConnect24. Want to contribute something that we don't have?

(ZIP, 7z, RAR, and WAD accepted. No EXE, ELF, or DOL files please) Can't find it here? Check the Repo, they often have the stuff we don't. If channels give a black screen when run, ensure that the required IOS is installed. USA TITLE (Click to Download) INFORMATION RF'd TITLE ID SIGNED DISCONTINUED December 2009 version (v1024) directly from NUS.

Wii u transfer tool wad download

Old version posted for completeness. NO 48414445 (HADE) YES NO Everybody Votes Channel Allows users to vote on selected questions.

NO 48414A45 (HAJE) NO YES Allows users to share Miis and enter them in contests. Defunct as of June 2013.

NO 48415045 (HAPE) NO YES (DL Asst.) YES Latest version (v1792). Defunct as of June 2013. NO 48415445 (HATE) NO YES (DL Asst.) YES Allows you to check on tournaments and records. YES 524D4345 (RMCE) NO YES ) (Region, Video, Fix) Allows Wii Fit users to perform body tests and watch progress. NO/YES 52464e45 (RFNE) YES/NO N/A Official WAD from the game disc. NO 52465045 (RFPE) YES N/A Official WAD from NUS. Not compatible with v2.

NO 48434645 (HCFE) YES YES - Obsolete. Use 2.0 Not compatible with v1. Users with v2 cannot talk to v1 users. NO 48434645 (HCFE) YES YES The Pre-release DL Assistant. Just opens the Shop to the Wii Speak page.

We can also help you troubleshoot all activation issues that might be stopping you from activating the software. To get expert resolution for all your Sage Accounting software related issues, call us now!ConclusionIf you stuck anywhere while following the step for “Find Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key” don’t hesitate to dial +. Dial our + and expert technicians at can help you easily install and activate your Sage Accounting software. Peachtree 2013 serial key.

YES 48434645 (HCFE) NO YES Rabbids Channel Extracted from game disc. NO 52475745 (RGWE) YES N/A If run, it displays 'Channel has expired'. It used to be a teaser with content for the upcoming game. NO 48415745 (HAWE) NO YES - Content expired Watch NetFlix on your Wii. A Netflix membership is required for it to work.

Wii U Transfer Tool Download

NO 48434c45 (HCLE) NO NO Allows viewing of Hulu Plus content. Requires a valid Hulu Plus subscription to work. NO 48435145 (HCQE) YES (DL Asst.) NO Used to watch Youtube on the Wii. NO 48435845 (HCXE) YES (DL Asst.) NO Amazon Video Channel Lets users rent movies and TV content through Amazon. NO 48435745 (HCWE) YES (DL Asst.) NO Used to transfer your purchased content and saves to a Wii U. Once you transfer, it's deleted from the Wii.

Heat Transfer Tool

NO 48435345 (HCSE) NO N/A The other half of the above, typically found on a Wii U. Probably won't run on a normal Wii without modification. NO 48435445 (HCTE) YES N/A Fixes Skyward Sword saves that were affected by an issue that caused in-game events to not trigger in certain cases. NO 48435245 (HCRE) NO N/A (Ensure this download completes fully, it's not ZIP'd.) Very large. Thanks to wilsoff for this difficult to find title!

NO 48434745 (HCGE) NO N/A IOSes are universal regardless of Wii region. Most files are from NUS. Multiple Titles Multiple Titles Multiple Titles N/A JAPAN TITLE (Click to Download) INFORMATION RF'd TITLE ID SIGNED DISCONTINUED (Internet Channel).

Of nozzles required in a ring of vertical vessel. Eg: Calculates no. Pokemon deluge rpg free download for android.

Latest version from NUS. NO 4841444A (HADJ) YES NO (Mii Contest Channel) NO 4841504A (HAPJ) NO YES みんなで投票チャンネル (Everybody Votes) NO 48414A4A (HAJJ) NO YES みんなのニンテンドーチャンネル (Nintendo Channel) NO 4841544A (HATJ) NO YES (TV Friend Channel) NO 48424E4A (HBNJ) YES YES (Photo Channel 1.0 Restore Program) YES 4843424A (HCBJ) NO NO マリオカート チャンネル (MarioKart Channel). NO 524D434A (RMCJ) YES YES Wii Fit からだチェックチャンネル (Wii Fit Health Check) 52464e4A (RFNJ) N/A (Need JAP Translation) (Wii Fit Plus Health Check) 5246504A (RFPJ) N/A (Need JAP Translation) (Hulu Plus Channel) NO 4843514A NO NO (Digicam Print Channel) - 4843444A (HCDJ) - YES (Need JAP Translation) (Today and Tomorrow Fortune Teller) - 4841564A (HAVJ) - N/A (Daigasso Band Bros DX Speaker Channel) YES 4843414A (HCAJ) NO N/A (Food Service/Demae) Requires latest version. May require the hidden title. NO/YES 4843484A (HCHJ) YES/NO Unknown Not sure about this one. NO 4843334A (HC3J) NO N/A (Wii No Ma) YES 4843494A (HCIJ) NO YES (Need JAP Translation) (Wii & The Internet Channel) 4843474A (HCGJ) N/A IOSes are universal regardless of Wii region.

Most files are from NUS. Multiple Titles Multiple Titles Multiple Titles N/A PAL TITLE (Click to Download) INFORMATION RF'd TITLE ID SIGNED DISCONTINUED Latest version from NUS. NO 48414450 (HADP) YES NO Allows users to vote on selected questions. NO 48414A50 (HAJP) NO YES Mii Contest Channel Allows users to share Miis and enter them in contests. NO 48415050 (HAPP) NO YES Nintendo Channel Used to provide information on upcoming titles and DS Demos. NO 48415450 (HATP) NO YES Mario Kart Channel Allows you to check on tournaments and records.

YES 48434250 (HCBP) NO YES Watch NetFlix on your Wii. A Netflix membership is required for it to work. NO 48434c50 (HCLP) NO NO Official WAD from NUS. Not compatible with v2. NO 48434650 (HCFP) YES YES - Obsolete. Use 2.0 Not compatible with version 1.0.

Wii U Transfer Tool Download

Wii U Wad Installer

NO 48434650 (HCFP) YES NO Jam with the Band Speaker Channel Downloadable channel. Requires a Download Ticket like those used for Wii Speak.

NO Channel that provided free episodes of 'Kirby: Right Back at Ya'. Content for the channel ended on December 15, 2011. Thanks for this title goes to whoever uploaded it to us on August 7th 2015. NO 48434D50 (HCMP) NO YES - Content expired in 2011 Allows Wii Fit users to perform body tests and watch progress. NO 52464e50 (RFNP) NO NO Wii Fit Plus Channel Allows Wii Fit users to perform body tests and watch progress.

NO 52465050 (RFPP) YES NO Runs in NTSC automatically if installed on US system. YES 48415650 (HAVP) NO NO Official WAD from game disc. NO 52475758 (RGWX) YES NO Patched version with Video Fix and Fake Ticket. 'Unaltered' is an unfixed (Raw) dump. YES 48434A50 (HCJP) NO NO Very large.

Uses nearly all blocks. YES 48434750 (HCGP) NO IOSes are universal regardless of Wii region.

Most files are from NUS. Multiple Titles Multiple Titles Multiple Titles N/A Custom Channels TITLE INFO REGION CREATOR Forwarder channel for USB Loader GX, animated banner, sound, error free RF marinos35 Movie player (if DVDx is installed already its safe to update it will still work) USA It`s animated, it has sound and is a Forwarder Channel RF Yoshi9288 Has cIos in it and works on firmware 4.0 nintendo hasn't blocked it RF Ocarina The cheats program (Like Action Replay) RF Coder: Link DVD Dumper is used to get the ISO file from the Wii DVD/CDs RF.