Are you searching for latest WWE 2k18 Apk OBB Data download link for Android, iOS or PC? This post is for you because I have provided it for free with installation guidelines and other useful information you need to successfully play this game.

Download WWE 2K Apk 1.1.8117 (Original) for Android. This is a sports game that specializes in free wrestling on Android. In this playground, gamers will be playing the role of muscular wrestlers, choose costumes and participate in fierce battles on the ring. Wwe 2k apk v1.1.8117+obb data android download full version free. Full apk of Wwe 2k v1.1.8117 download with working updated link from apkout.


This is the modded version of World Wrestling Entertainment game 2018 otherwise known as WWE 2k18 in abbreviation. WWE is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling, with revenue also coming from film, music, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales but over the years, Android game developers has created several Mod versions and released them for free download on Android phones and tablets.

Although the licensed version of this WWE 2k18 game is officially available on the website, we noticed some people still prefer the customized free versions known as MOD so if you belong to this category, this post is for you. Head over to the download link below to get and install the game on your phone.

WWE 2k18 Apk Mod features unlocked players and game modes so that’s why gamers prefers it to the paid version.

Features Of WWE 2K18

  • WWE 2K18 features the most famous and your favorite wrestlers like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reins, Kane, Undertaker and much more. You can select your favorite character and start of the game with your favorite character.
  • The action, moves and ring which features on WWE 2k18 APK and OBB is exact as the official WWE game, and that will boost up the gaming experience out of nowhere.
  • Another unique feature is that you will be able to customize your favorite WWE superstar in the way you want with WWE 2K18 Android APK file.
  • In the career mode of WWE 2K18 APK file, you will be able to unblock some unique surprise box where you will be able to unlock your favorite WWE superstars.
  • In WWE 2k18 OBB, another amazing feature is that you will get the exact backstage feeling with the official theme music, Brawl effects, Crowd type effects and much more.
  • WWE 2K18 APK and OBB offers a brand new feature called Multiplayer gaming, which will let you to fight along with the the other gamers across the world.
  • Download WWE 2K18 APK to experience the official WWE soundtrack within your game which is pretty impressive and amazing.
  • The game will have an in-game update option, where new wrestlers will be added on and there are more than 150 characters are featuring in this WWE 2k18 APK game.
  • The in-game graphics is immense on WWE 2K18 APK file, where you will get a feeling that you are on the WWE universe.
  • We have tweaked the game pretty much, so you will be able to download the MOD version where every superstars, rings and everything will be unlocked.
  • You can enjoy playing against your friends in multiplayer mode.

WWE 2k18 Apk Game Info

  • Name: WWE 2k18
  • Version: Mod
  • Game Size: 1.2GB
  • Downloads: 1000000+
  • Updated: September, 2018
  • Rating: 4/5

Where Can I Download WWE 2k18 Apk for Android?

  • Download WWE 2k18 Apk Here
  • Download WWE 2k18 OBB Data file Here

How To Install The Game On Android

WWE 2k18 is a huge game with big download size so it comes with OBB data (Opaque Binary Blog) which need to be moved to its specific folder on your Android storage folder before the game will work. Just follow the guidelines below to successfully install the game.

  • First download WWE 2k18 Game APK from the link I provided above
  • After downloading, tap on the install button to install the apk
  • Now use your preferred extracting app like ZArchiver to extract the zip file which contains game OBB data file
  • Now move WWE 2K18 OBB Data file to the Android >> Storage >> OBB data folder
  • After that, now launch the game and it will be able to open and you start your professional wrestling gaming career.

How To Correctly Setup WWE 2k18 For Android and iOS Devices

  • You will be able to taunt your opponent in both standard and stable way, when you taunt your opponent you will be able presume the rival move.
  • Brawl move is an amazing one in WWE 2K18 APK, where you can attack your opponent in initial stage itself.
  • Make sure that you download WWE 2K18 APK file and experience this amazing game in your android device.
  • Download WWE 2K18 APK had made sure that its users will get an amazing on game presence. Like real WWE, you will be able to attack manager and referee.
  • Once everything is done, just open the game and it will be loaded up with the title graphics and sound track which is pretty amazing.
  • In the Game menu, you can choose between Single Player and Multiplayer option according to your wish.
  • From the wrestlers choice, you can select your favorite one from the 150 wrestlers and start on.
  • Now select the game type and choose your opponent as you wish on. There are different in-game modes like exhibition match, King of the Ring, Money in the Bank, Wrestle Mania and much more.
  • Select anyone of the match modes and tap on start, the game will start with the official soundtrack and theme music and the rival entry is also the same.
  • The energy and the graphics is out of the world as its that much amazing to play on. You should try it from your own end, Download WWE 2K18 APK file now for free.

WWE 2k18 For iOS Devices

To run this game on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device, you still need to download the apk file from the link provided above and then downloadiAndroid Emulator on your iOS device to be able to run Android apps on your iOS.

How To Download WWE 2k18 For PC

To install and run WWE 2k18 on your windows PC, you need to install Bluestack Android Emulator for PC which will allow you download the game files, move to OBB folder as you did on your Android phone and then play with your game pad or keyboard.

Wwe 2k15 Free Download Apk

Other Games


WWE 2018 is a powerful and interesting game that will keep you entertained and reduces boredom. You only need a device that will run it smoothly and you will enjoy the game. I prefer playing on my android device than on any other platform with an Emulator.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE 2k19 Apk) is now available for download this year 2019 on Android devices. So gamers who are fans of Wrestling can now install the game on their smartphones and enjoy all the amazing features which I will write down here.

WWE 2K19 Android game succeeds the 2018 version known as WWE 2k18 which I’m still enjoying alongside this years edition. So this latest edition of World Wrestling Entertainment Game is developed and distributed by 2k series games, ranking among the best 2019 high definition (HD) game to play on the mobile phone.

Wwe 2k15 Apk Obb Free Download For Android Offline

Meanwhile, WWE 2K19 Apk Android game comes with an improved graphics, more customization options, more superstar wrestlers inclusive, improved multi-player option and many more.

This HD mobile game WWE 2k19 apk is free to download, install and play on your Android device once you download from the free direct link on this blog It’s an offline game that also supports multiplayer mode for friends that want to fight for supremacy.

WWE 2k19 Apk Mod + Obb Data features top wrestlers such as;

  • Randy Orthon
  • John Cena
  • Triple H
  • Goldberg
  • Undertaker
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Kevin Owens
  • Seth Rollins
  • AJ Styles
  • Roman Reigns
  • Brock Lesnar
  • And many other top wrestlers are all featured in this game.

Main Features Of WWE 2K19 Apk For Android

  • The multi-player mode is improved in this version, players can now connect through Wi-Fi and the Internet with ease and faster in order to play a challenger with their local and international counterparts.
  • WWE superstars such as John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Triple H, and many more are featured in the 2K19 Android game.
  • The graphics are improved and all the wrestlers look exactly the same as in real life.
  • Wrestlers welcome music, signatures and other behaviors was touched to make the game feel great and real while playing.
  • More options were included in the wrestlers and wrestle arena customizations.

Minimum System Requirements for Installing WWE 2K19 Mod Apk Android Game

Wwe 2k15 Apk Mod

Because the game is a high definition game, it requires an android smartphone with decent configuration and specs to run the game smoothly without lags. So your Android device must have below specs to support this game.

  • Android 5.1 lollipop and above.
  • Android mobile phone with 2gb RAM and above.
  • Android with the processor speed of 1.8Ghz and above.
  • Free storage memory of at least 3gb.
  • At least 4 inches display but the bigger the better for a beautiful gaming experience.

WWE 2K19 Apk and Obb File Installation Guide

  1. First things first, you need to download WWE 2K19 Apk
  2. Secondly, download the Obb data File
  3. After downloading, open your android file Manager or Explorer and find the downloaded Obb File in the Download folder.
  4. Cut or copy the WWE 2K19 Obb File and go to Android folder and paste the file into the Obb folder.
  5. Now locate the apk file and launch the WWE 2K19 Android game and enjoy wretlemania in your phone.

Wwe 2k15 Apk Obb Free Download For Android Phone


Wwe 2k15 Apk Obb Free Download For Android

You can see you no longer need Playstation, Xbox, console or windows PC in order to play your favorite WWE games but now you can freely download and enjoy the game play on your Android smartphone on the go.